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10 Atlanta officers charged with numerous crimes including assisting drug trafficking

OP: These "officers" are doing nothing different than what their Federal counterparts are doing except the Federal criminals like Eric Holder...are protected by crime boss Barry Soetoro and legislation created by congress that exempts Federal "officers" from complying with the same laws that us little people have to follow.

Excerpts from Article:
"When the cooperator put the word out on the street that he needed dirty cops to protect his drug deals, he got a lot of takers from police officers all across town," said U.S. Attorney Sally Yates.

"Remarkably, one of the police officers actually suggested that future drug deals be conducted in the parking lot of a local high school so they could exchange backpacks there, and that exchange of backpacks wouldn't be something that caused suspicion," Yates explained during a news conference Tuesday.

"This is a troubling day for law enforcement in our city. The law enforcement officers charged today sold their badges by taking payoffs from drug dealers that they should have been arresting," Yates said. "They not only betrayed the citizens they were sworn to protect, they also betrayed the thousands of honest, hard-working law enforcement officers who risk their lives every day to keep us safe. We will continue to work with our local law enforcement partners to pursue this corruption wherever it lies."


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I'm shocked--


Bet they are trafficking children, too.

Of course, no one will get busted for that. How big is the "missing children list from Atlanta, any way?

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

One of the cops arrested

has worked for my husband for years(security at a sports bar). He was shocked, never thought for a minute this guy was dirty.

I guess the Atlanta Police Chief should worry more about his own cops than women who've been busted for prostitution, because they're the real "threat".

Atlanta police chief seeks to banish convicted prostitutes from city