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Senator Inhoffe Confirms Benghazi Cover-Up; Impeachment Charges Next?

However, President Obama was in the White House and working that evening. He made an hour long politically motivated phone call. Even as Americans were under attack and being killed, Obama was more concerned about his own ambitions. He couldn’t be bothered to give the orders to send in Marines, who were only one hour away.

Let us say that again: it was a seven-hour siege and Marines were only one hour away. President Obama refused to contact the Secretary of Defense; he knowingly and willingly let our people die proving that he is as much of a moral coward as he is a dictatorial presence in the White House.


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I'd like to see Obama in an orange jumpsuit

but I don't really want "President Biden" either.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

The line down is pretty solid

The line down is pretty solid in their favor. Can you imagine President Holder? o.0

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