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Prospect of Rand Paul presidential run strikes terror in GOP establishment

"Inside the cozy enclaves of GOP bonhomie—hunkered at the tables of see-and-be-seen Washington restaurants—Republican leaders are sourly predicting a party-busting independent presidential bid by a tea-party challenger, like Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., in 2016.
To them, the GOP apocalypse looms larger than most realize. Dueling State of the Union rebuttals and Karl Rove’s assault on right-wing candidates are mere symptoms of an existential crisis that is giving the sturdiest Republicans heartburn.
And yet, the heart of the matter extends beyond the GOP. My conversations this week with two Republican officials, along with a Democratic strategist's timely memo, reflect a growing school of thought in Washington that social change and a disillusioned electorate threaten the entire two-party system."


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IF There is another


There is another election.

Its Ron Paul or no one.

We have three years

to clean the house...the Republican house. I am a PC. I was an unseated delegate for the national convention.

Please! We need PCs. You must join, you must act, you must know what RP has been trying to do since 2006.

We can and we will. That is what he meant by about a small percentage of people making change. I see it in my own state. If everyone would find 5 -10 people in every PRECINCT, help them become PCs, even if as a proxy, then we would have this licked.

The ILLUSION of a two party system

And it isn't just the GOP that's scared.

The Dems know that after we clean the GOP's house we are going to clean their cesspool up too.

A Red State Republican WASP Can No Longer Win POTUS

I am very certain that the GOP will choose Rubio in order to try and appeal to our changing population. However, I do no think it will work, because of the socialism and religious issues (i.e. our changing culture). Even a blue state, Republican such as Christie would lose.

A negative monetary/economic event could change everything of course. A lot will change by 2016.

People like Rand and myself are becoming "dinosaurs".

Did ya'll know that there are Progressives that think money should be viewed as a utility to do work and not something that is saved, hoarded or passed on? Anyway, I think they will have to change the definition of money in order for their communistic utopia to be realized. I just don't see how they will get other countries to agree to such an idea any time soon.

Rand is going to run as a

Rand is going to run as a republican. His father learned long ago that running third party is useless. Everything Rand has done including his endorsement of Romney has been to build support among conservative republicans. I don't think he has any intention of running third party. Its sink or swim with the gop.

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RON as Libertarian candidate in 2016

Bigger threat than Rand running third party any day of the week.

I don't think they're worried

I don't think the GOP is worried one bit about Rand Paul's White House aspirations. They control the media, and we all know what will happen as a result of that...
Rand Who? Who is this guy named Rand?
They will just demonize the guy, spread false information, and otherwise make him look like something he's not.
Hey, they already got Rubio on the books and will spread him like mayonnaise...to the Hispanics, Cubans, and any other Illegal out there. He is their "Romney" replacement.
So, I wish Rand the best, but it will be interesting when those "straw" polls start popping up...guess who will not be mentioned, even if he's the winner.
BINGO...You win...it will be RAND.
Sad, but true.

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I don't agree. Rand is a force

to be reckoned with, like it or not.

Chuck Hagel/Rand Paul 2016

If regular army enlistee Chuck Hagel wins confirmation as Defense secretary and adjudicates the office in a way that reduces tensions around the world and restrains the influence of the 'amen' corner(as Pat Buchanan used to call the Israel 1sters in congress), he will have a very powerful platform to run on.

Couple that with Rand shaking off the faux pas(or at least perceived faux pas) of his early Senatorial career and becomes the true and pure liberty leader like his dad, and then Hillary will have her hands full...

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Ha! Hillary will be so busy looking down her nose

at all those takers in her utopian village that have sapped the givers dry.

Rand running

as an Independent or 3rd Party may be much more encouraging than running as a Republican and trying to change the party from within again... with little hope of success... again.

The GOP establishment needs to be afraid. In my opinion, working from within the GOP severely handicaps the ability to put fear into the establishment because they can (and have) change the rules as they see fit whenever they want. Look at the 2012 rules changes, the purge of libertarian leaning Repubs from their congressional committees, Rove's new PAC, etc.

That's not to say I don't hope those working within the GOP are successful in re-shaping it into the Liberty Party, but I think it will be tougher than we imagined.

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Ron Paul...

...joined the GOP for a reason. ; )

Third party politics is a dead-end.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

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That was then, this is now. RON as Libertarian candidate

in 2016 is a totally different story.

Besides, he didn't join the GOP, he left and returned. Just think of how dirty the fan would be if he returned as Libertarian in 2016.


I don't think they are scared at all. The same thing was said about Ron Paul and look where that got him. They have a handle on who even gets to be the representative of the two controlled parties and they simply will not let it happen. When everyone was talking about Ron Paul winning Iowa many Republicans in power positions flat out said "Ron Paul can't win." Some people took that to mean that person thought there was absolutely no way Ron Paul would get enough national votes to win the primary, and we were going to show them they were wrong. But I don't think that's what many of them meant, they really meant that Ron Paul could not win, it wouldn't be allowed, whatever had to be done to assure he wouldn't win would be done. Make sure he doesn't get media time unless it is negative, devote party resources to challengers, don't count votes in counties he wins, change party or convention rules, etc. just whatever it takes. The same will be done to Rand and the candidate of their choice will win and they know this already. Don't fool yourselves again people, these parties and the msm media is controlled and that isn't going to change. John McCain and Mitt Romney are the last two Republican nominees, I mean c'mon.

Ron scared the shit out of them...

because he's not afraid to call them on their BS, and because he would have beaten Obama in the election and ended the neoconservative era. Why else would they have stolen the nomination from him so brazenly?

Those same worries don't exist with Rand. Rand carries water for the neocons like a good little lapdog.

I don't play, I commission the league.

I wouldn't say that

I would say he made them uncomfortable, like a lump in the bed or something, but those in charge of the parties were never really scared. Rand is certainly different than his dad but I don't think he's a waterboy either, I'm betting they won't take any chances anyway.

If Rand runs...

...does that mean that he can't simultaneously run for his Senate seat?

Or can he run for both? I'm thinking he may have to choose.

I know Ron could have retained his House seat, assuming he got the votes, but I'm not sure that applies to Kentucky's U.S. Senate seat.

Does anybody know?

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford



Only the acceptance of the truth can defeat systemic evil.

Thank you for answering my question.

From your quoted article, "KY legal statutes would not preclude him from running for Senate in Kentucky and running for president in the other 49 states."

I'd imagine that is what he'll do, and if by some small miracle he wins the GOP nomination, then he would not be on KY's ballot, which means he'd be conceding 8 electoral college votes, which he probably would have won.

It's all a rigged game, so there's no chance he'd win the national election. I assume he's running to educate the masses, like his father did, albeit with a different approach, but largely with the same libertarian principles.

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford

He can't be on both ballots

He can't be on both ballots

Rand endorsed Willard.

I'm sure the GOP establishment is shaking like a leaf.

I don't play, I commission the league.

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He endorsed THE NOMINEE.

Rand promised to endorse THE NOMINEE, whomever that was going to be.

The Rand-Paul-endorsed-Romney-waaaaaaah temper tantrum is getting old.

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"Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid." - Ronald Reagan

And they all know why he did

And they all know why he did it too.

Yes, because...

...he is a republican and when all is said and done, he will follow the main dictates of the party...albeit, he will say and do things to fool the 'Paul-faithful' and it is sad to say, that ain't much.

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I would say that RON running Libertarian

is what would strike some real terror. Rand is the most libertarian leaning Republican so they would be forced to deal with that wing of the Republican party.

They Should Be Worried

Because Rand would destroy any of the Globalist Marxist pigs in a debate any day.

ron would

rand? not so much

Like Ben Franklins: Join or Die

At sometime in the future we will have to put all our differences aside and unite for liberty. If that's in rand, and if we are givin a real chance next time, I would encourage everyone to consider supporting him, even if his endorcement upset you. At the moment(and subject to change) he is our best GoP option imo.

The way he speaks is with authority, like that which blew up over Clinton(I would have relieved you). Mainstream media listeners(sheeple) will learn to trust him because of the way he speaks. Truth is truth regardless of who says it. Actions are what's important and so far his fame is giving us the best chance.

I see people arguing over anarchy vs limited gov all the time on here, but that means nothing if we don't have a nation to rebuild.

I think Rand is someone

I think Rand is someone everyone in the GOP can agree on. I think it would be bad if he put in an independant bid as it would further divide the party and we would then be stuck with Hillary. The GOP better not screw this one up.

I Seriously...

...doubt that.