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Military Unlocks XBOX Achievement For Drone Bombing Medals

The U.S. Military has taken a page out of the XBOX “how to” marketing guide and approved the first non-combat medal, which will be given to drone pilots, sitting at computers for “excellence in dropping bombs on people while eating Cheetos,” or something akin to that. The Distinguished Warfare Medal is the first new combat medal since the Bronze Star in 1944. The medal will not only be given to individuals excelling in bombing terrorists and U.S. Citizens living abroad who will be killed without a trial, but also gifted to those fighting in the cyber arena. Considering the new edict to enact offensive cyber attacks against nations that we think might be thinking about cyber attacking us in an indefinite amount of time, they are probably printing these medals up faster than the FED prints fiat dollars for bailouts. And hey, maybe sometime during a real war that’s actually declared by Congress (if that ever happens again) one of these medals will be deserved.

Now, I’m not saying that these people working for the armed forces don’t deserve recognition – they do. Not as much perhaps as those who actually risk life and limb for our country..Continue Reading

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A cowards medal. If one is

A cowards medal. If one is going to snuff out another individuals life, at least have the courage and decency to look the man/woman/child in the eyes before you pull the trigger....or in this case, push a button. I loathe war, and passionately detest robot wars.

I just called up my 11Bravo friend

and he went ballistic.

"Those fukin knob-bumpers are going to have a medal for playing Terminator on their consoles. I should have kept on playing Mario Kart."

Lima-1, out.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.


"Knob bumpers" may have just made its way into my top ten phrases list


Thanks for the laughs, from both this article and the above comment!

Well , laughing until I remember how disgustingly real this all is..

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