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Rand should support Hagel...

Right now, apparently Rand is NOT among the republicans supporting Hagel.


Here's the latest on the Hagel story:

"We have 55 Dems and Independents on board for cloture, plus Senators Johanns and Cochran (the Republicans who’ve announced they’re voting for Hagel’s nomination). Add onto that Susan Collins saying she will vote for cloture yesterday, and we need two more votes to get to 60. That’s the state of play right now."

If Rand Paul votes against the rather NON-War-mongering Hagel, I will be done with Rand.

I GAVE GOOD MONEY TO RAND PAUL'S CAMPAIGN and I expect him to support the most truthful people possible for high level positions.

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Even Dr. Paul's latest comments on Hagel said that he was...

..."a less aggressive choice."

Even though Dr. Paul isn't too excited because Hagel is far from a perfect choice.

But I see the republicans as opposing Hagel because he did turn on Bush about the Iraq war and he has said that he's a U.S. Senator, not an Israeli Senator.

Plus - anything that pisses off the Neo-Cons is a good thing in my book.

And who else out there is really any less aggressive who has any chance at a nomination anyway?

Maybe Rand should just remain quiet on this one if he is trying to fool the party.

But I'm not sure who he is fooling anymore.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Hagel is CFR


Let's stop beleiving the fantasy, and reacting emotionally to it, that Obama is going to appoint anyone to power that has the people's best interests in mind. You think Hagel is going to NOT follow the NWO agenda? Why in heck would any educated liberty mided person be supporting him?

Rand should hold up every single appointment to every office Obama wants. Everyone.

Don't you realize that these appointments are the executioners and destroyers of the Constitution?

Forget Hagel

I listened to his confirmation hearings...

This man is not very bright.
He is also not very principled.
He also has no backbone to stand up for what he supposedly believes.

He'll do exactly what Obama wants him to do.

Who cares?

Go stick your head in the oven........

Why Do You Like Hagel?

He is a rat just like the rest. Has it occurred to you that if Obama likes him then he MUST be bad? I find some faults with Rand but not liking Hagel isn't one of them. Of course I compare Rand to Ron and Ron is a tough act to follow so the son has a HUGE row to hoe to try to fill his dad's shoe's.


Isn't Hagel an

Isn't Hagel an interventionist?

Not sure it matters all that much one way or another.

Like Kerry's nomination, who cares? lol

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What about this?


Are you going to wash your hands of this, too?

Direct video link:

I'm guessing voting records don't come into play anymore

for the mighty Liberty warriors, eh?


Some of you are worse than a whore at an all-night dick buffet..


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I could understand a vote for

I could understand a vote for or against hagel

For because he is slightly less of a neo-con then his predecessor

Against because he is still a neo-con

Rand can handle his own

I am looking for Rand in 2016 more and more each day.
No matter how he leans with this one.


I'm beginning to feel the same way

Partly because Rand is finally starting to impress, and partly because he's the largest non neo-con in the running for 2016 by far in the Republican field.

Ignore the anti-rand trolls

Ignore the anti-rand trolls coming in.....

Rand Paul 2016


Agreed, rallying around Rand is our best hope for reasonable government, he's not Ron, but he's so not Mitt Romney or Barry Obama that it's pretty hard to "wash my hands" of him. How unforgiving, narrow minded, divisive, unreasonable and down right ridiculous can we get? Would Ron Paul "wash his hands" of ANYone? He always seemed to hold out hope that the next time around, someone would work with him, someone would take another crack and being level headed, constitutional. This case is not clean cut, there is no right and wrong side that is absolutely clear. I would be disappointed if he did vote for the guy, he should just vote no on everyone and virtually everything. But he's still my guy from what I can tell.

One more thing

Whether Hagel gets in or not, nothing will change.
The policy of global domination and empire building will continue.

I was rather pleased to see

I was rather pleased to see the Republicans finally take a serious stand on something. Hagel was asked a legitimate question regarding his position on drones. As in the case of Solyndra the information required was not forth coming as if an arrogance to withhold such information from probing senators was the norm. I've had it with these democrats who run the white house and the senate like it was a crap game. Harry Reid is so tainted with corruption you can smell it through the tube just watching him. The war drums are beating and Hagel is Obama's man. After the Benghazi fiasco surely some serious questions put to the incoming Secretary of Defense is worthy of some serious answers.

The senate works a lot different than the house

You have only so much political capital in the senate, and Rand is smartly using his on opposing drone strikes/John Brennan.

He is toeing the party line on Hagel, but doing it very quietly. Not a bad play since his vote won't make a difference and he knows Hagel will be confirmed anyways.

Better than making a fool of himself and burning bridges like Ted Cruz has been doing.

Like many posters I like Hagel and hope he gets confirmed.

Been done with Rand

He sold out long ago, you can't compromise whis these establishment types aka made a deal with the devil.

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should wash your hands for many other reasons than that.

James Madison

So.... the daily paul is a

So.... the daily paul is a website where Hagel is awsome and Rand sucks. I might as well read the daily kos.

good... he doesnt need your hands anyway

besides, he has no idea where those hands have been...Could be quite dirty...

and btw, FUCK Hagel


So your a K Street Lobby Guy and you expect him to do things your way?

How about that answer from the below question. Are you a Resident of Kentucky?


Are you a Kentucky Resident?

Was Just Starting to Like Him Again

I was just defending this guy to others a couple of days ago. But putting the concerns of a foreign country before the US is pretty much a dealbreaker for me. Not going to war with Iran would seem to be the only good thing we're likely to get from this administration, so Rand better not eff it up or I'll be done with him too.

His vote against cloture on

His vote against cloture on Hagel's nomination didn't have anything to do with Israel. Rand just wants Hagel to release more information before he can decide whether or not to vote for Hagel.

I thought he said yesterday he wouldn't support him until

Hagel released more info. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I read lots of the GOP are wanting 5 years of his financial records. Seems odd how they were perfectly happy with Romney only releasing one year of his records.


rand had better SUPPORT HAGEL

otherwise he will lose all confidence from me and other daily paulers i hope.


"He's this eccentric Ghandi-Like figure that you cant touch with the normal bribes that people respond to."
the man Doug Wead on DR. RON PAUL

Right on!

Im right there with ya.There is no reason for him NOT to support Hagel.

ask yourself...... why would

ask yourself...... why would Obama the Marxist nominate Hagel?

Ok Sierra if were going to use that scenerio

Then why didnt Rand oppose a liberal marxist like John Kerry for secretary of state. The fact is that Hagel is a war hero that was enlisted and NOT an officer witch ranks very high on my list and his non-interventionist and NOT being an Isreal first neocon are about as close to Ron Paul policy as your going to get from this administration.


is a lame litmus test.

policies not people

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul