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Rand should support Hagel...

Right now, apparently Rand is NOT among the republicans supporting Hagel.


Here's the latest on the Hagel story:

"We have 55 Dems and Independents on board for cloture, plus Senators Johanns and Cochran (the Republicans who’ve announced they’re voting for Hagel’s nomination). Add onto that Susan Collins saying she will vote for cloture yesterday, and we need two more votes to get to 60. That’s the state of play right now."

If Rand Paul votes against the rather NON-War-mongering Hagel, I will be done with Rand.

I GAVE GOOD MONEY TO RAND PAUL'S CAMPAIGN and I expect him to support the most truthful people possible for high level positions.

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CFR Crony. Don't be fooled


"Any hope Rand Paul was going to usher in some sort of new foreign policy in the GOP has just been torpedoed by his NO vote on Hagel cloture"

Ventura 2012

Someone should tell Glenn

Someone should tell Glenn Greenwald that there are reasons to oppose Hagel beyond his (very soft) anti war stance, such as his support for bringing back the draft and his support for disarmament.

so being anti-war, having

so being anti-war, having Jesse Ventura's position on the draft and wanting to reduce the military budget is now anathema? The next guy will be better?

Ventura 2012

What's wrong with disarmament?

Lord knows we need somebody to finally talk about disarmament.

This Country spends (wastes) more money on Militarization, Global Violence, and War Crimes than all other Countries in the World combined. We are the World's greatest manufacturers, distributors, and proliferators of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

We could cut our whole Military in half, and we'd still be spending $500 Billion (which is twice what was spent under the Clinton Administration).

You wanna cut the budget in a meaningful way? Taking food stamps from poor people ain't gonna ever do it. Cut the Military.

It's about time we did that (and Ron Paul would agree).

you don't cut the Military,

you don't cut the Military, you cut the policing of the world. We need to have a very strong military used only in and within the Constitution.

No Country Needs A TRILLION Dollar Military

No Country Needs A TRILLION Dollar Military in order to "defend" itself (and no other Country has or wants one).

Of course you cut the Military.

And with a smaller Military, it would finally be impossible to police the world.

How can you not cut the military?

If ou move thousands of families off foreign bases and relocate them on US soil.. how can you not cut the military? How big are bases supposed to be? 200+ new military cities in the USA> Have you ever been to a base stationed overseas?

AIPAC= US establishment=APARTHEID

Hagel deserves the support of the liberty movement.

He isn't the one that is unfit.

The establishment is SOOO completely owned by AIPAC that we do not live in a free and democratic Republic of by and for the people, we have APARTHEID of by and for the occupiers of Palestine.

WE must support Hagel! If he wins the neocons will be ABSOLUTELY TREMBLING in their naughty boots...

They try not to show it but they are...s c a r e d

Caps may advance your cause

But Israeli-Palestinian conflict is about group demands, not individual rights. Surely, individual rights are violated when groups are at virtual war. But Sharia Law violates individual rights all the time. Palestinian leadership does not care about actual Palestinian. Thus, under West Bank law, if an Arab sells his land to a Jew he is punished by death. Abbas was on record to say that Palestinians in Syria should die rather than relinquish their future return to Israel. He does not want them to resettle in West Bank. Morsi has just flooded Gaza tunnels.

If you think it is called Libertarian to support a certain collective, it is awesome.

Um, really think Hagel is any different than Obama?

I mean, Obama had a rep for being non-war...but look what we got? You really think Hagel is any less war than Obama?

Does not matter who the Sec

Does not matter who the Sec of Def or State or whoever is. They'll carry water for Obama and the neocons regardless. Rand should vote no.

Southern Agrarian

If you watched the CNN

If you watched the CNN interview, Rand just said that he was going to vote to delay the vote on Hagel for a week so he can review additional information. He said he hasn't made up his mind yet.

What does your gut tell you

What does your gut tell you about which way Rand is leaning?

Ventura 2012

My gut tells me that Rand

My gut tells me that Rand will vote to confirm Hagel as long as Hagel releases the foreign financial information and there's nothing there.

My gut tells me that Obama

My gut tells me that Obama picked Hagel for a reason...

Yeah because Hagel will be

Yeah because Hagel will be loyal to him unlike guys like Petraeus because Hagel was thrown out of the GOP basically.

Ventura 2012


... so what this country is lacking is people who are loyal to Obama???
I URGE Rand Paul to vote NO on Hagel. Rand haters expect perfectness from Rand and then they urge him to vote for a Patriot Act supporting, reinstate the draft and disarmament advocating neo-con. VERY interesting... (hypocritical to be exact).

We need to get an early start on 2016: Support Rand PAC 2016



lol, I didnt say it was good

lol, I didnt say it was good I said it explains why Obama picked him. I'd rather him be loyal to Obama than loyal to the neo-cons, honestly.

Amazing how you try to make him seem bad yet he'd still be the best Sec. Def. in decades...I swear the flouride/flicker rate has really gotten to us DP readers because we really seem to struggle with contextual thinking.

Ventura 2012

As If Rand Paul...

... wouldn't be the best president in decades (centuries for that matter).

We need to get an early start on 2016: Support Rand PAC 2016



That may be but that has

That may be but that has nothing to do with supporting Hagel.

Ventura 2012

He refused to kiss AIPAC's ring

When he was in congress he refused to sign AIPAC's letter stating he would support Israel at any cost for any reason saying that he was a United States Senator and not an Israeli senator and he would not put Israels intrest ahead of the United States. That makes him OK in my book and the reason The neo-cons hate him.

By the way, I believe all the congress members that have signed the letter should be hanged for treason.(That would be the magority of them!)


Those who watched the Senate committee hearing saw that Democrats (in prior face-to-face meetings) had secured from Hagel support for Pentagon's projects to their state factories and resistance to the defense cuts. In addition, Hagel admitted that his stance against Israel and Iran was wrong. He also admitted that his writings about disarmament were not correct as understood.

I wonder what anti-Semites here are hoping for? That Hagel will lie after the nomination?

Define semite.

Define semite.

The fact that you feel the

The fact that you feel the need to call anyone who disagrees with you an anti-semite speaks volumes about you, and your argument.

I thought we left name calling to the republocrats?

Cyril's picture

lol. punch line wit :)

lol. punch line wit :)

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

so its anti-semitic to support America over Israel?

Spoken like a true Zionist

I did not name you, why are you upset.

I have noticed that when some populists here say they do not want to be Americans anymore, want to leave the country, etc, they get multiple thumb ups. Not from me.

Who said anything about not wanting to be American?

Or leave the country? I just do not want to be governed by a congress that is bought and paid for by a foreign nation, Israel, thru thier political action committee AIPAC. Does that make me and Chuck Hagel anti-semetic?

How could Hagel possibly

How could Hagel possibly worse than any alternative nominee? There's even a possibility that Hagel could be less likely to kill innocents than his predecessors...you're too quick to conflate the peace lobby with anti-semitism, which makes me wonder if you would likewise conflate the pro-war lobby with semitism.

Ventura 2012