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Rand should support Hagel...

Right now, apparently Rand is NOT among the republicans supporting Hagel.


Here's the latest on the Hagel story:

"We have 55 Dems and Independents on board for cloture, plus Senators Johanns and Cochran (the Republicans who’ve announced they’re voting for Hagel’s nomination). Add onto that Susan Collins saying she will vote for cloture yesterday, and we need two more votes to get to 60. That’s the state of play right now."

If Rand Paul votes against the rather NON-War-mongering Hagel, I will be done with Rand.

I GAVE GOOD MONEY TO RAND PAUL'S CAMPAIGN and I expect him to support the most truthful people possible for high level positions.

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I really do not care

about alcoholic Hagel or NWO Panetta. Both are no better than Bush's nominees. I only marvel at excitement of anti-Semites about Hagel. They are pathetic about Hagel as they were pathetic about hoping that cutting foreign aid to all will weaken Israel or as muslims were pathetic about Obama. Egyptian Morsi just flooded Gaza tunnels with water cutting their imports by third.

Please leave Arab hater

Please leave Arab hater

I totally disagree that Hagel

I totally disagree that Hagel is as bad as the throat-cutting neo-cons under Bush were. Hagel actually stood up to people in his own party and was willing to take political flak, that shows some character, and he did it on the right issues namely endless war.

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He stood to his own party

because he is more on political left, not because he is more libertarian.

Even if that's true it really

Even if that's true it really doesn't matter, does it? I mean this logic sounds like the logic of a Fox News watcher. I would take Dennis Kucinich on foreign policy over Steve Forbes.

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No problem. BTW, have you watched when Hagel promised to the Hawaii democratic Senator that Pentagon will fund research of "renewable fuel"?

Yup. Imagine that... :/

Yup. Imagine that... :/

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Today's vote

was to delay the vote for one week.

Most of the Republicans, even McCain and Graham, said they will vote for cloture after Presidents Day. Can you imply that McCain and Graham support Hagel...no.

This was a procedural vote.

the longer they drag it out

the longer they drag it out the more likely Obama is to pressure Hagel to withdraw and look for a more electable candidate...

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Yea that is more likely

If the vote would be indefinitely delayed or not rescheduled, then today's vote would be significant. However, this vote is only delayed a week or 10 days and even the neocons have gone on the record of saying they will vote for cloture after Presidents Day.

That doesn't encourage Hagel to drop out or Obama to find another candidate when they know that in one week, they will have the votes to advance.

haha they're holding out for

haha they're holding out for "more information on Benghazi", there's a reason for the delay don't you get it? They can re-delay the vote. This is political posturing, and the Republicans will delay as much as they can in order to have Hagel step down, until the point where the political heat on them becomes greater than the political heat on Obama. It looks like Obama will win this one thankfully.

I will bet you a sig message of my choice/your choice that Rand will vote against Hagel if the vote comes.

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The right thing to do is

The right thing to do is UNQUESTIONABLY to vote for Hagel. If now is not the time to do the right thing, when? Hagel could actually do SOME good.

By the way, if Ron Paul was in the Senate and had to vote then I would be OK with him voting no, but Rand has already had his hands dirty playing politics so there's really no excuse.

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who else tops the list of best candidates of the DP members? Note best also implies "likely to be confirmed".

Just curious...

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Chuck Hagel is purportedly "rather non-war-mongering," but you might want to actually look at his record before making such a claim...


Really? You don't know much

Really? You don't know much about Hagel do you?

As Ron Paul has said, Hagel

As Ron Paul has said, Hagel will carry out Obama's wishes. It is the policy we should focus on not the people.

If you think Hagel will magically bring peace to the middle east, I've got a great piece of real estate for you.


Because we want Obama to have cover for his wars from someone the media can point to as being anti-war.

That doesn't make any sense to me as a reason to be upset with Rand Paul.

I am!

Hagel is far from perfect

But -- he is much better for this job than others.

Anyways... satan pulls the strings.

I piss on the 'Evil Empire' and its crimes.

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What's so great about Hagel?

...from what I've read, he appears moderately less aggressive than some of the hardcore neocons, but that's not saying much. So it strikes me as odd to draw your line in the sand over support for Hagel.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

That's exactly the point.

That's exactly the point. Hagel is less aggressive than any other choic, but Rand is holding out for someone MORE aggressive. Which tells me where his true loyalties are.

Every position he takes seems calculated. He wants to gain the trust of the neocons, while throwing a bone to the Ron's base.

I agree Rand is the least bad U.S. senator. But that is faint praise and not enough for me to work for him as I did for Ron.

And I couldn't care less how many downvotes I get.

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He was a doctor who realized that by washing hands between examinations, the mortality rate went way down in the labor / delivery wards. He was shamed out of practice and died insane.
Just thinking about washing hands... and insanity...
Yeah, Rand has a problem on his hands that won't wash off... Time to show where the loyalty is.

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dr. maybe

one step forward, & two steps back has been my impression..


From Dr. No to Doctor Maybe.
It feels like "Let's Make A Deal" - you know there is a CAR behind door number 1, but it might be a brand new Porsche, or it might be a Ford Pinto with a blown head gasket. Only you never get to go open door number 1 and see what it is, you just have to commit to drive it for 4 years or walk away...

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.