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Obama's Courtship and Baptism of Idiocy!

Did anyone else happen to notice in Barack Obama’s SOTU address the point where he proposed the minimum wage increase from $8.80/hr to $9/hr? Did anyone notice that he actually insinuated that a $.20/hr increase in wage would be the difference between some people being evicted or not (And the applause was lifted up to the rafters with a standing ovation!)? Is this how unintelligible our leaders have become? For one, raising the minimum wage is serving to mandate employers to pay more to those who may have little or no experience while simultaneously pressing the employees who are being paid upper wages. Employees in my position, who have been employed with their place of business for over five years are seeing little or no increase in their wages annually and are being undermined by this Federal mandate because employers can and will see the plausibility and justification in laying off someone at $15-$16/hr to hire almost two workers at $9/hr and lose little to nothing in the advancement of carrying two workers’ productivity in comparison to one. I have 9 years of experience…where is the “fairness” in giving an annual increase not based on merits to some and not to others AND I understand I’m already making more than that person, but the principle is once again skewed and serves to frustrate the purpose, innovation and motivation of employees Nation-wide.
Any person with a thinking, reasoning mind can understand that Barack Obama’s implication that this would help some people avoid eviction is ludicrous and laughable at least. These are our elected, I mean appointed, I mean bartered and thieving officials? Sad, sad day in this sad, sad Nation when our leader makes a statement so full of falsity and is applauded with a standing ovation.


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I think you need a better headline

You've writen a good post that deserves attention.