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Could the sea be conscious? Research reveals how tiny plankton behave like a marine 'megamind'

U.S. researchers find that different forms of picoplankton react as one to environmental changes
Although as different as humans and fungi, the creatures' behaviour was linked
Findings could help researchers understand why some species are impossible to grow in isolation

By Damien Gayle

PUBLISHED: 11:36 EST, 13 February 2013 | UPDATED: 12:56 EST, 13 February 2013

Vastly different species of sea microbes work together to respond as one to their surroundings as if they have one 'megamind', new research has revealed.

U.S. researchers have discovered communities of infinitesimal creatures in our oceans react in unison to changes in their environment.

The links between them are not well understood, but findings suggest the creatures rely on each other to almost the same extent as the different cells in a human body.

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Maybe we should declare a war on whales?

How dare them eat a megamind!

I got to swim in a phytoplankton filled bay one night

One of the most amazing things I have ever experienced.

This is a really intriguing notion. I am pretty well convinced that water is "conscious" in some way.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.