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Economic Policy Journal: How to Honor a Great Man

As we know, the current T-shirt sales people at RonPaul.com have refused to turnover the web address to Dr. Paul, after he requested. Their behavior is in stark contrast to the way Lew Rockwell handled himself when he founded the Mises Institute.

Although I have heard him tell the story before, Rockwell recently discussed again, during an interview with Tom Woods, how he launched the Mises Institute:

I decided that Mises, the man, was not getting the attention – we all need heroes. These ideas are essential. But they have to be, in terms of teaching, I think, inculcated in great men. So I thought it was important that Mises be recognized for the hero he was. Also, the Austrian School was in decline and I thought there needs to be an institute dedicated to this. And so I approached Mrs. Mises first, even before Murray Rothbard, and asked her if she would be part of it, and she said she would. She said – and she started sort of shaking her finger at me, and she said, now, I know you're only interested in my name. And I said, well, I am interested in your name – (Laughter)– but I'm also interested in your advice and guidance.[...]Which she did give. And so she said she would, as long as I agreed that I would dedicate the rest of my life to it. So I gave her that promise. So she was our first chairman.

That's how you do things with class.


Personal note:

Lew Rockwell practices what he preaches. He gave the Ludwig von Mises Institute to the wife of Mises in honor of his name (as Rothbard and Rockwell would become custodians of said name).

I find it atrocious that the rp.com guys are hiding behind all sorts of false attacks to assert why they should keep ronpaul.com URL. For all who say they generated traffic, I never heard of them. For all who say it was the internet alone that drove Ron Paul, tell that to the old timers I meet constantly (one even has a sign out in his yard in Clinton County who I talked to at length detailing some long forgotten RP/liberty movement lore but that is for another day), they also drove people to Ron Paul and educated people who thought they were neoconservatives back to true Constitutionalism/libertarian principles. It is narcissistic to think this.

Well, I was already disillusioned with the official RP 'grassroots'. I still am. They have stabbed us one to many times in the back. Go ahead and approve of a website that posts pro-sniper articles vilifying Ron Paul for asserting what The Christ said: He who lives by the sword dies by the sword. I mean come on. Well enough ranting, I will not be, or ever be, associated with the rp.com guys and they are not with me in our fight for liberty. Period.

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