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The American Conservative: Rand Joins the Jackals?


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...But politics is not always about keeping options open; it is often about choice. In the next day or two, Rand will have a chance to vote for or against Chuck Hagel as defense secretary, and just as importantly will have opportunity to vote for or against the GOP filibuster to keep Hagel from coming to a floor vote. Yesterday Paul told CNN that he would back a filibuster of Hagel, relying on the most spurious of pretexts: the charge, raised by Ted Cruz, that Hagel is in the pay of foreign powers. In a few short months in office, Cruz has already established a reputation as one of the most McCarthyite members of the GOP, someone happy to use lies and innuendo to destroy opponents. In the generally decorous Senate, he has already been called out for being “over the line.” It may well prove to be Ron Paul’s single greatest lapse of judgment (and of course, there have been many) to have endorsed Cruz in the Texas Republican primary, and to have encouraged his backers to contribute to him.

But now Rand is doubling down in support of Cruz, in favor of a filibuster of Hagel on grounds that are both bogus and demagogic. (Hagel of course has answered the financial disclosure questions required for any nominee for Secretary of Defense, and in today’s Washington these are by no means perfunctory.)

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This must be part of the Rove Victory PAC machine

attacking Rand adn Liberty GOP.. but saying nothing about Rubio, who they support.

Never forget that Rand is a Neocon.

Rand Paul supported Romney.

You are absolutely right. Too bad there are too many...

stupid people here that believe a Rand Paul victory would change anything in Washington. Even if it happened, it would be as hollow a victory as that of Ronald Reagan.

Ron Paul and his pac

Have supported/endorsed a long list of neo-cons over the years, mostly from Texas, and all for reasons of political expediency - are you going to tell me that Ron Paul is a neo-con for having made those endorsements too?

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