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TAC: Hagel Temporarily Blocked, Paul Permanently Damaged


...The most disappointing vote was Rand Paul’s decision to vote no. It was bad enough that Sen. Paul chose to side with the people who loathe the foreign policy of restraint he was describing last week, but what made it even worse is that a yes vote from Paul would have concluded this drawn-out farce of a confirmation process and allowed the Senate to vote on the nomination itself. Four other Republicans voted for cloture, and none of them had just given a speech outlining an argument for a “more restrained foreign policy.” If any Republican in the Senate should have rejected the extraordinary filibuster of a Cabinet nominee, it ought to have been Paul.

Sen. Paul could have been the deciding vote to clear the way for Hagel’s confirmation, but instead he opted to vote the other way, and the justification he gave may have been the worst of all. If Paul had some irreconcilable disagreement with Hagel on principle or policy, it would have at least made sense to vote as he did. Instead, Paul endorsed one of the worst, least credible anti-Hagel arguments of all, which is essentially the Ted Cruz argument that Hagel needs to “prove” that he is not in league with foreign governments or sympathetic with terrorists. If he ended up voting yes on the nomination, Paul could repair some of the damage with antiwar conservatives and libertarians, and he could make good on his claim to being a realist, but most of the damage will likely be permanent.


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I love Rand and I agree this

I love Rand and I agree this is BS. My only thought is Rand votes with the whackos when he knows it REALLY won't matter one way or another. This guy is going to get confirmed, right? So its just buying political clout with the whackos. That's my only hope. I sure hope he knows what he is ****ing doing.

AIPAC opposes Hagel

The fact that AIPAC is controlling the opposition to Hagel is reason enough to support him.

This fact alone FAR OUTWEIGHS any argument against him!

Another fact. If Hagel is NOT confirmed, the Israel 1st lobby will be empowered even more.

A vote against Hagel is a vote FOR McCain, Graham, and all of the people who who worked soooo hard to marginalize, smear, and otherwise disenfranchise, Ron Paul and the entire liberty movement in the last two elections.

I think Rand Paul

has come to the conclusion that upsetting the Jewish Lobby is adverse to achieving the bigger Goal. Sad to say, but evidence points that direction.

Avoiding a problem now may lead to a bigger problem, but if the problem is catastrophic now and can be avoided, that is the path to take.

The Ends do not Justify the Means, because the Ends are a Product of the Means.

That is why I joined the Libertarians, because to join one must agree to NOT use Force for Political or Social Change.

The Adoption model for Change is much longer lasting because the Ends are a Product of the Means. People who are forced into Change, change back quickly when that force is let up.

The Jewish Lobby has TOO MUCH INFLUENCE

over the American People.

Many view Muslims, all of them, poorly because of the 'Terrorists', yet the Jews won't distance themselves from the Evils of Central Banking themselves. It is Okay to be Pro-Semitic, yet everyone gets riled up over Anti-Semites.

The Pro-Caucasian Movement in the United States, and places like South Africa, got a bad name for good reason. Yet the Semites are immune from such scrutiny???

I know several Jews and have little to no issue with them and any differences that I do have would never lead to violence. I am not Pro or Anti Semite, I'm quite indifferent as I am to any other ethnic group. You $h!t on my doorstep or leave an Apple Pie, will will feel compelled to reply in kind. There is only ONE RACE, the Human Race, and it is composed on Jerks and Friends alike, but mostly people you will never know or meet.

The Jews are a major distraction from the Solutions that need to be implemented. If they would distance themselves from the Money Changing, the only behavior Christ ever got forceful about, and displayed a more open and accepting meme, then I think there would be much less fuss over them or their neighbors.

I do recognize that the Muslims and Jews hate each other, but taking sides only encourages more Hate. Let Both Sides offer peaceful solutions, and then pick sides. Let Both offer violent solutions, and then excuse yourself.



"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Hagel has made many statements...

indicating he was NOT totally owned by Israel:
"I'm a United States senator. Not an Israeli senator"
"The Jewish lobby intimidates a lot of people up here"
"Israel keeps the Palestinians like caged animals."
He has called the US the "world's bully" and said a military strike on Iran "is not a viable, feasible, responsible option."

In my opinion, these comments alone are good reasons to support him. However, since he has publicly retracted these positions in order to be confirmed, it has become obvious he doesn't have the backbone to take on Zionist power and will therefore be a Zionist puppet who complies with everything his masters demand.

Why do so

many anti war conservatives want Hagel as the sec of def so bad? The guy voted for the patriot act, voted for the war in Iraq, voted to give clinton the authority to bomb Kosovo, voted to not put a cap on foreign aid, voted every year he was in office since 9 eleven to increase military spending, and the list goes on. The guy is a neocon and that is precisely why Bo nominated him.

So I ask those who are in support of Hagel, why do you support him, because of his rhetoric or because of his past actions?

Oh he supports indefinite detention of suspects too.

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James

My thought, exactly. Check

NMy thought, exactly. Check out his 18 years of voting records! This guy sits on the board of the Chevron Corporation, I find it really hard to believe his retoric on Iran.


One of the U.S. Embassy cables published by WikiLeaks concerns a conversation that took place on March 19, 2009, between the Iraqi Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, and the U.S. chargé d'affaires. [145] One of the subjects discussed was the negotiation between the Iraqi Prime Minister and Chevron concerning a cross-border oilfield (Iran-Iraq), despite strict U.S. sanctions that state "US persons may not perform services, including financing services, or supply goods or technology that would benefit the Iranian oil industry." Chevron asserted that they had not engaged in any negotiations that would violate U.S. law. [146] This document was intended to have been kept secret until 2029.

I also do not trust any politician that is a member of the council of foreign relations. Oh and this guy profitted and helped push through those lovely black box voting machines... He served as a Chairman and was CEO of American Information Systems Inc. (AIS), later known as Election Systems & Software.

I agree

Valid questions indeed.

He's far from a good

He's far from a good candidate, he's retracted anything good he ever said he believed in. Why would Rand vote for him? I guess better than the next choice is a reason to confirm, not! We keep being forced to settle for lesser evils in Washington which is still evil..


It would have been nice to have someone that told Israel to back off, but now he was forced to lick the boot thus giving me absolutely no reason for me to care. Ugh...