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Justin Raimondo on Rand: Turncoat

Justin Raimondo ‏@JustinRaimondo

It's time for libertarians to treat Rand Paul like the turncoat he is: boycott. No $$, no support, & start calling him Paul the Lesser.


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Thank you for the link

I think this is a valid reason:

Paul said in a statement. “I do not believe Sen. Hagel has adequately explained his activities and their financing since he left the Senate, and I believe this criteria is especially important when dealing with the revolving door between government and the private sector.”

Hey Granger!!

I heard Rand on an interview with Neil Cohen on NPR yesterday. He actually mentioned the word 'libertarian'. I was happy about it.

I think the PTB are not only pushing Rubio but also Rand. He would never get as much face time with the media if they weren't. I am not sure that it is good news. Does it not mean that Rand is towing the establishment line so they like him now?

Even though I have been at the point of nausea while listening to Rand for some time, I have been forcing myself to listen lately just for you, Granger. I really want to see why you like him so much. I have heard him say a couple of good things. Overall though, he is still just as repulsive to me as a good politician, like for instance Jim Demint. I will keep trying though, Grang. I want to see him in a fair light. Even though he isn't even a pimple on his dad's rump, to me, his dad is my greatest hero ever so a pimple on his bottom is actually quite a compliment.



TPTB are not pushing Rand, but rather Rand is making popular stands, that they are exposing because they know Ron Paul was the popular presidential candidate, so there is a huge interest they can not ignor after two elections, where we have won several states and are growing within the GOP, despite the money the GOP gives to Rubio to sustain the Bushobama illusion of how to sustain a government that embraces perpetual war. Rand makes himself very clear where he stands, for constitutional government, which the establishment mocks.

((((((dducky)))))) Don't do it for me. You have a brain and know how to use it. If Rand is not your guy for your reasons, I can accept that. I may not agree with your reasons, or your reasons may not be relavent to my own.

Being that I am in the GOP, Rand means something completely different to me, than you. Just because I'm in the GP does not mean my reasons are better. It only measn that I have chosen to follow Ron Paul's lead into the GOP, which haad me sign loyalty oaths to stay in. No one knows how hard it is to sign an oath, and then keep ot when it doesn't work in their favor. Do I have regrets? No. I have hope. That hope is because Rand Paul is changing the GOP.

When I first began going to committee meetings, I was alone, for a year, over a year. and then another Ron Paul supporter showed up, and then others, and very soon, hopefully in two months, we will be the majority. This does not mean that even we agree with each other on every issue, but the issues are alive and we are disscussing them and how to bring them into the public arena. Rand is leading the way. Who else in the Senate is doing what GOOD Rand is doing, because he is doing good.

Part of the biggest problem is many folks have adopted Ron Paul's message, but they are not putting it to work, (and the ronpaul.com VS RON RAUL has me wondering about the message. I believe many don't agree with Ron Paul 100%, don't understand Ron Paul 50%, and they have issues with Rand because they can not appreciate how politics operates (loyalty oaths, precidents upserpting rights, they want to part of) Rand is in the middle and doing very well because he's standing for hemp, diplomacy, smaller government, auditing the fed.. and he's achieving this. Someone outside the GOP don't really care. Why should they? Especially if all they really want is a messanger rather than a constitutional government OF, by and for wee the people.

Well Granger,

I am just trying not to be extreme about it. I had so much hope for Rand in the beginning just because his name was Paul. He has really disappointed me but you and others really still like him and I know we have the same goals !!!!<<<>>>!!!! so I take what you say to heart. I think we are a more powerful force united. And you are right, WAHOR. You are a valuable asset in the GOP, which is fabulous. I am A-political. My participation in the GOP would probably have negative effects. But as, I think, SIERRAHPBT or some user used to say...WAHOR. We all have our roles. I am still trying to find mine. But anyway, I do want to be helpful so I am trying to see the best in Rand. So keep up the good work. I try to follow your lead.


I doubt you participation in the GOP would have negative effects

Just imagine being on Daily Paul in real life. That's what it's like.

Okay, I'm in than.

Now to find the nearest GOP meeting.

: )