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"Small Floating Countries" ; I Could Imagine Thousands of These

Can you imagine it?

Video Here: http://www.wimp.com/buildsisland/


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What A Cool Individual!

Talk about recycling! I would love to do something like that! I thought about it a few years ago actually. Then I decided I wanted to build a cob house in Oregon. Unfortunately fate had other plans. But I envy that guy and his ability to be a free spirit. Wish more people were like that these days! If the Mexican government tries to annex him over some sand I think he should just sail away! Hah!


May I ask why Oregon?

May I ask why Oregon?

Notice that the Mexican government

didn't waste any time claiming the guy's property as Mexican territory. Wait and see what happens when he tries to take his island out to sea. Theft of government property?

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That'll be an interesting

That'll be an interesting legal case.



That's very cool. How on

That's very cool. How on earth did it survive two hurricanes though????