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New Texas House Bill 1243 Would Require Paper Audit Trail & Access to Source Code for Electronic Voting Machines


Thanks to State Rep. Brian Hughes for introducing HB 1243 which would require a paper audit trail and access to voting machines' source code upon request by the Secretary of State. It's not perfect by all means, but it deserves our support. Please contact your Texas State Rep, and request/demand they support HB 1243.

Here's a link to the exact wording.

Here are some key points:

- a voting system that consists of direct recording electronic voting machines may not be used in an election unless the system: (2) creates a contemporaneous auditable paper record copy of each electronic ballot that allows a voter to confirm the choices the voter made through both a visual and a nonvisual method, such as through an audio component, before the voter casts the ballot.

- On request of the secretary of state, the authority adopting a system that uses direct recording electronic voting machines must provide: (1) the source code for any software and firmware used as part of the system;


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Wow, that's brilliant

I mean, who would have ever thought that clicking buttons on a mysterious black box would ever lend itself to fake elections.

These politicians are wise and efficient! And just in time!

Imagine if they weren't so prompt and eager to catch this.

Some of our elections might even end up (gasp!) FAKE

Johnny Come Lately!

...but nonetheless, it's better than nothing, and at a minimum, at least we can out those who do not support it.

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


Good to know that some governmental offcials are doing....

......the right thing.

Thanks for posting.