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Do You Really Want These People Running Your Life?

"Last month, Public Policy Polling conducted a survey (LINK) regarding the favorability of Congress compared to other things. With a 9% favorability rating, Congress was decidedly less popular than traffic jams, colonoscopies, and cockroaches; Congress did, however, manage narrow victories over both gonorrhea and ebola virus.

If everyone is so unimpressed with the corruption and ineptitude that puts our politicians in the headlines every day, then why are so many people convinced that giving our blundering Federal government more power is a good idea? In fact, our government is either so corrupt or so inept that two different bills both called the Read The Bills Act were introduced in the Senate on multiple occasions. Both S.RES.16 and S. 3360 failed to pass."

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Do you want ANYONE else running Your Life?

The Central Planning Model is upside down. Instead of most people Centrally Planning their Own Lives, most have been tricked into thinking that others have the Responsibility and Authority to do so for them.

Imagine for a moment that the model was flipped and most were taught to Centrally Plan themselves. When others attempt to Plan the Lives of others they would be met with great resistance.

Inevitably those with common needs such as Roads, Courts, Fire, Peace Officers, etc would band together to Plan, Create, and Maintain such Infrastructure and Services. And the Smart Ones would install a Service Level Agreement that allows the Users (aka Payers) to measure the effectiveness of the Service and act on ineffective methods.

If we had Public Stewards instead of Public Servants, I think the level of Service would increase. We have to examine the Scope of Government in order to examine its effectiveness.

Ask yourself "Who is doing the Planning that is Central to your Pursuit of Happiness?" If it is others, which is mostly the case these days, then we should expect that planning to be for the benefit of those doing the Planning.

Well, One Of Them Thinks That Islands Can Tip Over

Don't you WANT that guy making life decisions for you? NO? What the heck is wrong with YOU?


here it is..

I should be laughing

but find myself simply stunned... People RE-ELECTED him.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Oh my god. Oh my god.

Oh my god.

Oh my god.

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