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The Bill Of Rights Destroyed!

great video by the realTripleB

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Powerful words

I'd like a transcript.

I'd like to tack it on city hall doors.

Now you have watched a video

Now you have watched a video of someone showing off their expensive ammo shopping habit and someone who tries way too hard to include every word in their vocabulary into one sentence.

Nice find though!

he is a lawyer.....thats what

he is a lawyer.....thats what they do
and ammo habbit....if i had the money i would too

That explains

why he seemed a little condescending and a little clueless about how broke the average American is these days. An otherwise eloquent rant.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

ehhh.....i've been watching

ehhh.....i've been watching his videos for a while, he says he shoots everyday because he feels it is important to do so even though its expensive ...he is a lawyer so he probably does pretty well for himself, hell if i had the money i'd be at the range everyday or at least every other day