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Meteorite Hits Earth-15 Feb 2013, Injures Over 300 in Russia

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ton o pics + videos

I've seem meteors fall before but

This was unusual in that it was much slower than the smaller "falling stars" I've seen many times at night. The astronomers must have seen this "massive" meteor coming towards earth for some time, should they not?

To me it looked more like a satellite falling down.

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Russia vid with audio


Intense sonic booms cause glass to break out. Many/most of the injuries are from flying glass sherds.

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Meteor Crash, This Time In CUBA

"BREAKING-Meteor Crash, This Time In CUBA

Please show us your source !

Other wise I'm calling you a TROLL !


lol to troll

ha, just noticed I got you by a year here,

Don't be silly, we all no one

Don't be silly, we all know no one in Cuba owns an electronic device capable of recording.

Southern Agrarian

sources pending

call me what? are you 5?

Great Video From "RT" News !

I watched it twice, this is what I gleaned from the video;

5 segments of the objet's came to the area at about the same time, people were injured from flying glass, as windows were shattered.

What really happened?

As an ex-USAF member, I would guess that 5 sonic Booms caused by the speed of the entry of these objects caused the damage.

Here is what a sonic boom is and what it can do:



Re Meteorite that hit Russia

Yes, in addition to what may have occurred where the fragments actually crashed, it appears that sonic booms could have caused damage, namely, the windows blown out all over. It's rather fortunate that this took place in a rather remote area. Thanks for the post.

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A sonic boom did not cause that damage.

I'm surprised you even suggest such a thing. As a child I heard many sonic booms as Air Force jets flew over our house and around the country side. That damage was not the result of a sonic boom. Aside from scaring the crap out of you a sonic boom is not very damaging. No more than a close thunder clap.

Yes it injured many, but what

Yes it injured many, but what we have yet to realize, is that they all also now have SUPER POWERS! :)

ytc's picture

So many amateur photographers uploading, giving the world

multiple first-hand visual accounts of the so-called "meteor" shower. We sure are living in a new era.

I'd be running to my car in

I'd be running to my car in attempt to be the first to the impact crater and snag that sucker. Meteorites are worth hundreds.

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Let the wild conspiracies begin!

What's interesting is NASA is positioned to film a low level fly by of yet another asteroid that is about 150 feet long and 17,000 miles from the earth. The one in Russia was obviously not that big but what a weird coinsedence.

You know all the religious cults are getting ready to start talking rapture or end of days....can't wait! The headlines are about ready to go wild!

For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.

lien Elvis Osama clones!

I bet it was alien Elvis Osama clones!

Russia shot this down

"Folks are reporting Russia shot this down, and it may have been an UFO...hmmm"

It was Putin

He was shirtless in. MIG and fired a Soyuz rocket demolishing the meteor seconds before impact saving millions of Russian Souls...pictures coming soon

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The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.