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Anybody else proud of Rand?

I have watched a majority of the media Rand has been on in the past day. Huge kudos to Rand. His first national issue was whether the President has the power to kill Americans. His argument is something that is absolutely critical! I dont see Rove or Rubio stepping up to the plate on an issue like this.

Anyone else proud of Rand?

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I agree.He play "the game"

I agree.

He plays "the game" alot.

He "compromises" alot.

I dont trust him, or any man that is willing to sell out his Dad to get ahead.

Not Really

Not Really

Did you get the memo?

I think he is our only real hope for america.

Proud indeed. Now if Rubio just keeps screwing up that will give Rand a nice lead into 2016.

Ah, You Do Know...

...that the only 'real hope' for America is not to be derived from Washington DC, the Federal Government, or from any politician, particularly a POTUS, right?

And some get angry and fail to grasp why I keep referring to 'cultish' people...

I think you're right

Pinning hopes on politicians is a throw-away philosophy. Your guy gets in and you shut up, even convince yourself your guy is tricking everyone but you. A cult of personality is a bad thing whether or not the message is good. The only hope for America is regular folks waking up and refusing to play along anymore, not hoping for a politician to save us.

Right you are...

...my open-eyed brother.

Refer yourself to the door.

Take your snark and stick it in a smelly hole:

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'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Ah, Yes...

...another in a line of members here who somehow believe that 'forum-tenure' lends him/her some credibility, special-insight and special-wisdom.

The old 'attempt to detract from what was said by pointing out something irrelevant and stupid', trick.

Pathetic, yet utterly predictable.

You got anything related to the point made, or do you just want to 'puff up' for all your little forum-buddies'?

How shocking..

a condescending little troll.

Why are you here? You seem to dislike this community. Snarky comments and name calling.

The reason I posted it is because of your activity. Folks that have been here for years usually treat other members with a little more respect. You see, respect is earned.

Calling us all names is not the path to get there.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Who Cares...

A 'forum-community' (LMAO) largely made up of touchy-feely, peace & loveniks, many seemingly worshiping and hanging on the words of a man and his son. What a strange paradigm.

Get something clear...I am not after your respect, or your acceptance. Not knowing any of you, your respect and your acceptance is utterly meaningless to me.

I am simply here to lay out some brutal, hard truths and attempt to illustrate the fallacy of much that is commonly accepted by getting right down to the bottom-line of things.

That is my chosen way of working to stave off what I see as nearly inevitable and although it is wildly unpopular, all you need do is ignore me and what I say if it doesn't suit you.

If you take issue with the substance of anything I say, bring it on, we can agree to disagree ultimately.

If not and, rather, you get your delicate-feelers hurt by my blunt style and occasional displays of disdain, well, that is an issue for you to grapple with because I simply don't care.

Anything else?

OMG! You had me going there for a moment, Lt.

For one, brief, happy, moment, I thought my friend, BigT, was back! LMAO!

Thanks for the memory!

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox


He is not his father. I'm not my father! My dad listens to AJ all day and tells me a NWO global conspiracy is going to eat us all. I'm much more of a greed and fascism allows the conspiracy to exist type of person. We have very different ways of getting to them but our core political values are the same. I'm very proud of Rand as a hole over the last few weeks. I think he is a very smart man and is an eloquent statesman. He is tip towing a line but is doing it with principle. I think we have a real shot at nominating him. I will donate and work for him if he runs because I know in my heart he is an honest man.


Basically what I would have written, nicely put.

Eric Hoffer

I am proud

Rand Revolution v.2016

ralph nader

a man known for his integrity and straight talk, and a friend and supporter of ron paul called rand:

"craven, arrogant and a liar"

for anyone really paying attention those critiques ring true.

when confronted at the RNC rand claimed no knowledge of mistreatment of his dad's delegates and supporters.

lol nader has said that about

lol nader has said that about almost everyone ever born

you're being silly but

what is lol is that MANY in politics are just that.

well Rhysw

at least you make me laugh. how about the non-revolution of dr. maybe

the non-revolution is the

the non-revolution is the people sitting on the sidelines criticizing our forward progress with Rand.

from what i've seen it's

one step forward & two steps back. i pay attention to rand, after all he is ron's son, and i applaud some of his work in the senate, but revolution?

how does a man inspire a revolution who supported romney, even campaigned for him and today still says he respects him? how does a man who is getting support from creatures like beck and rove now lead a revolution? how does one lead a revolution while voting for sanctions (act of war) that will kill innocents? how does a man who claims aggression on israel is aggression on the US? how does a man lead a revolution who recently said: "i want a little less aggressive foreign policy?" regular politicians (which is what he is) don't lead revolutions. he may even be successful with your support but i doubt very much you will see 10000 screaming college kids waiting to hear him talk, or people who had zero interest in politics paying attention and changing how they live their lives because of his words and actions.

don't second guess the rand critics (and criticism and challenges are healthy) mostly what i have read are well meaning freedom advocates who are having a hard time seeing the true ron paul rEVOLution being watered down to basic politics as usual (with a bone occasionally thrown to liberty crowd).
go ahead now and call me a drama queen like you have before if it makes you feel better.

seriously... get over the

seriously... get over the romney thing. it matters even less now than it did then. i couldn't even keep going.

i will when rand does

" I have great respect for Governor Romney"
-rand paul

feb 5th 2013 ...on o'reilly ..

well, if that's how you

well, if that's how you think, you're support wouldn't do anyone any good anyhow.

i certainly don't think

down voting someone, name calling, and dismissing possible support with those who disagree does much for your position. i presented a long list of reasons why
i don't think rand is worthy and that's the best you can offer? i can only assume you've bought into the cult of personality thing.

ps that's your support not you're. for future reference.

i didn't down vote you...

i didn't down vote you...

And yes, Rand is the best we have to offer.

And yes, it is your, not you're. Good catch.

it would probably be better

to say rand is the best we have to offer IMO
since you're not speaking for the world; & it sounds less know all.

The 'I' is implied whenever

The 'I' is implied whenever I'm speaking (writing). Come on grammar nazi. You should know this! (haha totally kidding)

But yeah, who do we have that's better? Let's do a list...

he fights for us
he's popular
he has credibility
he's already in the POTUS mix
he gets media
he's ron paul's prodigy

he endorsed Mittens (which is hardly a con. so what? does it matter?)
he sometimes will vote with the establishment when that vote doesn't really matter
he's not as dovish IN HIS RHETORIC as his dad

You gotta remember, Ron was trying to prove a point. Rand is trying to implement that point.

Excuse me, butting in this thread. May I suggest

you use this as a signature? Or someone? It's perfect:

Ron was trying to prove a point. Rand is trying to implement that point.


ron was and still is spreading a message

rand is wondering what message will best suit him.

but you could use the other. some will buy it.