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Anybody else proud of Rand?

I have watched a majority of the media Rand has been on in the past day. Huge kudos to Rand. His first national issue was whether the President has the power to kill Americans. His argument is something that is absolutely critical! I dont see Rove or Rubio stepping up to the plate on an issue like this.

Anyone else proud of Rand?

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True Ron Paul is still spreading the message

and Rand Paul is spreading the message in the GOP.

pieces of it (which is something & i applaud that)

like civil liberties.
but sanctions surely isn't part of the message. & that goofy statement about israel surely isn't etc

As great as it would be

for this to be another chapter in Wizard of Oz, where we going from black abd white to living color overnight, the gop is going to have to be won in pieces. Ron Paul says Israel is our friend, just like Rand.

the US has a lot of friends but

nothing like that (war talk) was said about them. sad thing is the friend list is dwindling due to the aggressive policemen of the world policy. something like 90% of pakistanis dislike the US now. how dare they eh? don't they know those civilian killings by drone missiles are part of a bigger plan for good. sickening of course.

ron paul like the founders is for no tangling alliances, no aggressive acts except in defense. minding our own biz, trade and travel & sharing of ideas. in other words peace and a humble foreign policy. he would never vote for sanctions that would kill children & the elderly and has flat out called that action an act of war.

And that's why Ron Paul was not taken seriously in the GOP

Rand Paul is being taken seriously, I am inspired by the change Republicans are adopting and look forward to further changes.

I also find it funny that people who call in Americans to saction themselves and not eat Monsanto, or want vaccines, or nuclear power, will complain about Iran's santions, (withholding gmo food and vaccines) and inhibitations for nuclear power.

i think he was taken SO seriously

the GOP neocons were fearful & showing their teeth like the rats they are, and brought out the long knifes to shut him down by hook or crook the entire campaign trail. lying, cheating, rough housing, blackouts etc the final act of changing the rules. they took him seriously alright, but you know what? the message continues to spread. i predict you will see him again at the campuses with even bigger and more passionate crowds.

By comparison to petitioning for Nader's Indy ballot access

Ron Paul campaign's was a cake walk, and we all know it was no cake walk, but it was sure a hell of alot easier working on Ron Paul's campaign as a volunteer than Nader's.

Yes, the message continues to spread, though too many, I am not convinced, are unwilling to go to where it needs to be taken and leaders adopt and produce their liberty leaders to join the movement.


do you mean people who believe in ron paul's libertarian message?

rand mostly fights for himself and relates more to the tea party, even mainstream GOP than the freedom movement. yes he does make some good votes, but they're mostly meaningless and IMO to trick the liberty crowd.
he is not so popular in libertarian circles.
he has proved untrustworthy a number of times (more to come).
he is in the mix and gets media.
both ron and rand have gone on record to say they have some very different views.
ron paul would NEVER have voted on sanctions that will kill women and children.
to this day rand continues to say he respects romney, a status quo, big spending, pro police state
chicken hawk.

ron was and still is spreading a message. its a long term goal, and to my way of thinking it's what's really important. it has nothing to do with playing along to get along..

you're not in the 'we'.

you're not in the 'we'. You're basically irrelevant. No offence. You're part of the libertarian movement who's destined for obscurity.

there you go

speaking for the world again. that makes a WHOLE LOT of people irrelevant. my way or the highway eh?
i would be pleased to see some of these bozo's stop using the IT word in politics (before ron it was barely uttered). .. ron paul has done more to spread libertarian thinking in the world than even ayn rand IMO.

the whole system is destined for CRASH if the spending, printing, borrowing, and corp empire wars don't stop.

I feel kinda bad. I didn't

I feel kinda bad. I didn't mean to be rude about it. What I mean is, libertarians have been non-factors for so long.... Rand is trying it another way. Those who can't see that will be stuck in the non-factor group of libertarians.

the writer of that article

i linked to, countless others, and generations to come you will find disagree with you. it's all about the message, the growing day by day libertarian message, that you are seeing now breaking into the political conversation. rand, with a few good points is back to politics as usual. many of us have little interest in a watered down version and will continue to keep our eye on the big picture.

As you keep your eye on the

As you keep your eye on the big picture, what you'll see is a movement dominated by the Paul family acolytes.

if like RON PAUL

it's a movement of restoring peace, sound money and civil liberties i will be doing my bit as well.
if it's a movement that will fight to end crony corporatism, special interest deals, and is for free market principles i will be involved, but i
will not support any candidate who condones the continual drone attacks abroad, sanctions and the US being the busy bodies and policemen of the world.

So which television or

So which television or internet personality will you support?

isn't it awfully early?

a lot can happen in that amount of time. even your man
hasn't said for sure. there could be a surprise or two still. a dark horse? the majority of
the american people want an end to war & empire. i'm hopeful
for a peace candidate. ending wars would also go a long way to solving the financial mess as ron paul has pointed out.

i really don't know why you

i really don't know why you think rand is so hawkish. please be honest... do you listen to alex jones?

when you say

"please be honest" you're implying that you don't think i have been. i resent that but you're entitled to your view. i don't listen to AJ although i have checked him out when something is posted here.

from this link you can link to the full bit on rand in Notes in the Margin. i recommend a close reading.

I am.. the only other

I am.. the only other Candidate I like better is Judge Napolitano. I would be happy with either.

the judge

is head & shoulders above rand IMHO.

I love Judge Nap

But I think a New Jersey Senate seat would be much more winnable for him...

President Paul is going to need an ally or two in the Senate! I wish Gary Johnson had run for the New Mexico senate seat too...

Si se puede!

Gary Johnson

It really is quite unfortunate that Gary chose the path that he did. Had he ran for the Senate seat in New Mexico, I would venture to say that we would have 1 more ally in congress. Gary was a little too ambitious with his run for President...

My Political Awakening: I Wanted to Change the World...
I am NOT Anti-America. America is Anti-Me - Lowkey
How to Handle POLICE STATE Encounters

I did like his

State of the Union response speech. His only weak point is Mexican and other immigration. The immigration issue must be put on hold until our welfare and other government programs are reformed and millions of welfare recipients join the workforce.

Yes I am proud of Rand...

at first I was not sure, but now I am absolutely sure. If he runs, he has my vote. Of course he is not like his dad, he is his own person. I can tell you one thing that is important, he cares for our freedoms and stopping the runaway budget. Those two things are what is important to me.


i'll be proud, if

he starts recanting his Iranian sanctions vote and his "an attack on israel is an attack on us" comment after he gets the nomination.

If he is still quacking like a duck after he gets the nomination, then we all know he was not just playing the "political game" and he really is just another conformist. If he starts to sound more like a libertarian after he gets nominated then we know for sure what game he was playing.

Time shall tell. No up vote or down vote from me. I will wait and see before I can vote for him. Who know's there is all this talk about 3rd party again, even from Glenn Beck.....A lot can happen in 4 years. If there is a strong Libertarian candidate that gets a lot of steam, Rand could steal votes from him or her.

Interesting statement..

'If he starts to sound more like a libertarian after he gets nominated then we know for sure what game he was playing.'

Maybe that kind of strategy could bring the Left to his side. Democrats agree with parts of Libertarianism.

It is going to be an interesting next few years. Lets hope that Rove loses more seats and we gain more seats in 14. 3 election losses in a row and the GOP may close the door on Rove.

The real political fight in the GOP will be between Rove and Rand. If Rand continues to spread his message and convinces party regulars, he can win a national election.

This is coming together nicely. I cant wait to see what Ron Pauls next move is. It seems as though we have a perfect team. Ron Paul can do what ever the hell he wants because he is out of Congress. Rand Paul can play the political game. Its a good position for our movement to be in.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

yes, this could be a good position

or this could be recipe for disappointment. Time shall tell. Voting for sanctions is very big deal and should not just be brushed aside as something we can look passed. Endorsing someone who is in favour of sanctions places our principals in question which is not going to bring more people to our cause. Example. The democrats railed against Bush for war crimes. Rightfully so....Now that Obama is basically the same kind of tyrant, or worse not a word from most Democrats. It's not that they don;t know about it. Most dems i talk to know about Obama's drone killings. They just choose to be ok with that because they believe obama is doing good things in other areas. This was a mistake. They lost a lot of credibility and their party shirking is proof of this. The same reasons the GOP is shrinking, they keep going against their supposed principals. You will notice obama didn't get nearly as many votes the last time round. The only reason he won was because the GOP is an even worse disgrace and Obama has the welfare votes bought and paid for with OP money.


Sanctions are things done to a country to try to influence the public to rebel against their government, to stop the sanctions. So, they are trying to induce a civil war, in another country. That, is itself, is an act of war! Secondly, it only hurts the poor people in those countries. The rich, as in all countries, look out for themselves.

An act of war isn't war. He

An act of war isn't war. He put in language that the sanctions are in no way an authorization of force. he probably had to vote yes to get it in as a trade off. plus, i'd like to spend more time considering his speech to heritage and read that book he was talking about.