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Anybody else proud of Rand?

I have watched a majority of the media Rand has been on in the past day. Huge kudos to Rand. His first national issue was whether the President has the power to kill Americans. His argument is something that is absolutely critical! I dont see Rove or Rubio stepping up to the plate on an issue like this.

Anyone else proud of Rand?

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Most definitely!

He's showing real leadership and moving his fathers message forward to audiences I didn't think possible!

It's unfortunate that he endorsed Romney, but I understand why - he wouldn't have been able to do what he has been doing in the Senate had he not - from Audit the Fed to questioning Brennan to pushing for legalization of hemp. Now if we can just get Judge Nap to run for a NJ Senate seat and give Rand Paul a little help!

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My thoughts, exactly.

Sure wish the Judge would consider a run in NJ. He'd do well here in this very Blue state. Doubt that he is willing to run, though.

Rand is doing what needs to be done to further our cause and I applaud him for it. (I still say he looked physically ill when he made that endorsement on the slimeball's show. Rand must have good control. I would have upchucked on national tv.)

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I Agree

Don't throw out the baby with the bath water we at least have one voice for us I might not agree with everything he does but I do a lot.

Rand is POS!

delete this again:)
he still is a sell out whore

Your fist comment wasn't

Your fist comment wasn't deleted though?


oops, my bad

Rand Is Doing A Good Job

This No vote on cloture for Hagel nomination has upset many, but maybe the additional debate results and/or his final vote will change things.

For certain, there are many in here and from the Progressive/socialist side that bash Rand. So, one must conclude that the liberty-minded, Rand haters have allied themselves with people who have no real regard for the Constitution?

However, even though I believe I would support him, I don't think Rand could win GOP nomination and definetly not POTUS. We are long gone into welfare-warfare and nothing is going to change until there ia a war and/or major economic happening.

He's infiltrating

He's our inside guy. Don't cut his legs off.

LOL as you can see with the

LOL as you can see with the first two comments the answer must be no. You know, they'd rather have 100 anti-liberty Senators. They like even numbers.

Rand is POS!

My answer Hell NO!

I lost pride in Rand the

I lost pride in Rand the moment he endorsed Rmoney. It's too bad he made himself "the lesser evil".

I agree.

He has really disappointed me. Pride is the last word I would use for Rand. Why is the media all talking about Rand and giving him airtime??? This should be unsettling to us. The media does not promote liberty proponents. Rand was even on NPR's Neil Cohen yesterday. NPR, as Bizarro World as it may seem, is a major war propaganda outlet.

You either still

don't get it or you have an agenda. That's my honest opinion. If you don't like Rand, don't comment.


If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

He can comment all he wants.

He can comment all he wants. Rnd needs to know that people are principled and will hold his feet to the fire for his mistakes,

What you want is "go along to get along" and "shut up and conform;" two things Ron warned us about.