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Ron Paul's New Radio Show

I guess this is why there has been so much fuss over the domain name. Ron Paul and Charles Goyette will be doing a radio show. Granted it will be on one minute (almost an infomercial) twice a day.


Sorry if this is a re-post. This is the first I've seen it and thought I'd share

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I had really hoped Ron Paul was going to leave Congress and cut loose - say all the things he had to hold back, or at least some of them.
When I heard he would be doing a radio show, I had hoped he would be giving the liberty movement their "Rush Limbaugh." A couple minutes a day? No call in?
The first speech I saw him giving is at a home schooling conference, where they will not allow taping.
And then there is the lose-lose website drama. I hope he hits a better stride soon.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.


I'm with you fishy. Just thought I'd share this.