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Obama/Brennan silent about killing Americans with drones

Anyone else find it eerie that the media's not covering this huge issue of whether or not Obama and Brennan are going to launch drone attacks in America soon?

I went to cnn.com and it wasn't anywhere on the front page. I had to go the politics pages, look for the article on Brennan's confirmation, and only at the very bottom did it mention Rand taking issue with ambiguity over whether or not drones will be used to kill US citizens, here in the US.


It's not on the front page of Foxnews.com either.

Top news about Obama at Huffington Post right now is that Obama's favorite burger joint has shut down (not kidding.)

Anyone else creeped out by the total media blackout on Brennan's "controversial"-- to say the least-- possible intention to start offing Americans with drones?

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They already answered it, quite clearly.

They hunted Dorner down using a drone, and then assassinated him.
No one seems to notice, they keep begging them to answer. If Obama tells you "No" will you feel better?

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

My point is, they didn't answer it formally

and that, in itself, is NEWSWORTHY. But the media refuses to focus on that glaring omission...it covers Brennan's confirmation but pretends the whole
controversy is about Benghazi. Meanwhile, some less prominent journalists are covering Brennan's ominous failure to assure us that he won't drone us to death:

Like Glenn Greenwald:

And Charles Pierce from Esquire: