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Police State...Teach...your children well...

...ad the CSN song goes...

Folks, this has been going on since Sandy Hook....and it's really getting "obnoxious"!
(that was the word my son used)

I live in the wealthiest suburb in DuPage County, Illinois....and in my opinion, this type of false security is really just conditioning by intimidation!

Parents, and FREE people left to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights is PLENTY the deterrent to horrific violent crimes that occur in single digit percentages, to a single digit percentage of the population!


I guess this is what the Obama-mamma's want....and this is what they'll get...because they're HUSBANDS don't have the patriotic sense to know this nation was founded on self-government, and it's their job to protect their families, our job to protect our communities, and our job to limit government; but...since government sustains you by subsidizing your career field, and taxes you out the other side of their face...and they keep you away from your wives and children 50-60 hours/week so you can live in this excellent community...you best trust them to keep the bad guys away in your absence!

Just an observation from the photo....the "protection service" is short at lest 2 squads in my opinion....every building has at least FOUR SIDES...so, while he remains warm in
his gas-guzzling, brand spanking new Ford Edge, waving at the elementary grade school boys and girls who are none the wiser as to this nanny-state presence being an abomination to a truly FREE society...I'll just author my objection as I walk my sixth grader unto the next building up the road; and take occasion to teach him how WRONG it is for our community to feel comforted by this ridiculous public display that WILL NOT STOP a suicidal psychopath overtaken by psychotropic drugs from going psycho!

By the way; although my sons and I get along with their elementary school's DARE officer; my personal objection to DARE is rooted in this passage of scripture... Romans 16:19 "For your obedience is come abroad unto all men. I am glad therefore on your behalf: but yet I would have you wise unto that which is good, and simple concerning evil." Don't SHOW my kids drugs on purpose, they don't need to be educated to evil, especially by their government! It's bad enough they encourage the gambling vice by means of the voluntary poor tax, called the lottery; but...

Frustrated and disgusted....and to think my perspective is also in the single-digit percentage of public opinion!!!