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WARNING: Central Texas- Heavy Aerial Spraying Day

For my Central Texas Lab Rats- At 7am this morning, you awoke to perfectly blue skies. 2 hrs later, you look up and see the complete blanketing of our formerly blue skies. This "exhaust" did not and will not dissipate, but instead mix to form the dirty white overcast that you now see.

Let's see if -over the next 5-7 days- people start to show illness, shall we?

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I thought it was weird too, so I sent this post to KXAN

and the other Austin stations. KXAN was the only one who responded:

@RalphHornsby @dailypaul It's called post-frontal stratus. We forecast it last night, because that's what happens when moisture is cooled.

It cleared off in the late afternoon and the skies turned blue and guess what was hiding behind that big post-frontal stratus?
Chemtrails...and lots of them.