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Open Letter to Reince Priebus

Chairman Priebus,

During and since the Winter Meeting of the RNC, you have stated in multiple interviews that it is your intention to welcome different grassroots factions into the RNC and to address the grassroots' grievances against the 2012 rule changes.

A few of the most egregious rule changes consist of the 2012 form of the rules 12, 16, & 40.

There is an amendment which will be brought to a vote before the Standing Committee on Rules at the April meeting of the RNC, and, if passed at the committee meeting, will be brought to a vote before the RNC (according to your stated intention to support whatever decision is made by the rules committee). The amendment addresses the grievances against rule 16, but is unable to address the 2012 changes made to rules 12 & 40.

The fact that the amendment is unable to address rules 12 & 40 means that the measure is not enough to adequately appeal to the grassroots to continue participation within the Republican Party on the national level for the following reasons:

Rule 12 allows the RNC to make amendments to the Rules of the Republican Party, a power that was previously only reserved to the vote of the National Convention Delegation, ensuring that theirs was the final word over the RNC Rules. If rule 12 is invoked to amend rules 1-11 & 13-25 at the Spring Meeting of the RNC, many of the grassroots do not feel secure that the rules won't be reverted back to their 2012 form at subsequent meetings of the RNC, with rule 12 still in place to allow the RNC to make such changes.

Rule 40 will prevent any grassroots presidential candidate from being eligible for nomination at the 2016 convention. If all of the rules are not reverted back to their 2008 form, rule 40 cannot be amended until the 2016 convention, and that is only if the rules committee should decide to suggest that it be amended, and then contingent upon the vote of the 2016 delegation. Even if rule 40 is amended by a final vote of the 2016 National Convention Delegation at that time, the amendment would not go into effect until the National Convention of 2020 (because of the fact that candidates of the 2016 election will be looking to the 2012 format of the rules during their campaign in determining their ballot access at the National Convention). 2020 is too long to keep the grassroots hanging on the line in order to be able to select for themselves which candidates should have ballot access at the National Convention.

Another grievance that the grassroots hold over the actions of the 2012 RNC proceedings is the manner in which the rule changes were said to have been passed. You may recall the incident during the RNC in Tampa in which John Boehner announced that “the ayes have it” while chairing over the vote of the Rules Committee Report. To those in the audience and those who later watched the video, it was clear that the vote was too close to call, yet Boehner proceeded and ignored shouts from the delegation to bring the vote to an official count. We consider this action to have effectively passed the 2012 rules illegitimately. It was later seen that the vote had been scripted on the teleprompter prior to the vote itself being taken.

The fact that the National Convention Delegation was previously considered to be the final deciding factor over whether the Rules Committee suggested amendments pass or fail, the vote of the National Delegation should have been held with the utmost sincerity, and not simply considered a made-for-tv courtesy upon receiving a vote result that wasn't desired.

The National Convention Delegation vote is one of the very few opportunities for the grassroots to have their voices heard within the RNC, and the described actions of John Boehner during his time of chairing over the Rule Committee Report effectively stripped the grassroots of their voice within the decisions of the RNC.

The amendment that you have stated that you will support if passed by the RNC Standing Committee on Rules at the April meeting of the RNC does not address these grievances. It is for these reasons that we ask, instead, that a motion is brought before the entire body of the RNC to revert all of the rules back to their 2008 form on the grounds that the 2012 Rules Committee Report was not passed by a legitimate majority vote of the National Delegation in Tampa, FL, and on the grounds that you wish to take action to truly address the grievances of the grassroots and encourage further participation of the grassroots within the Republican Party on the national level.

Please advise on what actions you intend to take to address the concerns listed above,

Nicole Revels - Active North Carolina Republican

Bryan Daugherty - Active Maine Republican

Notable References:

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Interview with Reince Priebus -

Priebus: GOP must be open to all -

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This needs to be SHARED big-time, so that the word will spread & folks will become informed of the issue with the April meeting pertaining to the rules.

Prof. William Greene

April is important

April meeting in LA, if you are not going help someone out who is so we can fight for our rights to republican party!!!