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Justin Amash trades Twitter jabs with Obama spokesman Jay Carney

Juston Amash .@PressSec: Is that a serious tweet? You don't sign a bill unless you're OKAY w/the consequences. It's Being President 101.

Justin Amash .@InvisibleInk28: We don't persuade public by tricking them. We should be honest abt how we got here..


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Justin - you're the man

Notice that everything they do to undermine America - is sooo intentionally complicated. Jay Carney is a professional liar. The lap dogs eat if up knowingly. I guess they're much easier to lie to than a real statesman. Another thing, why do social engineers need to use their hands so much when they talk? That freaks me out. Maybe they have their hands in everything. Maybe the motions are a substitute for honest words. Speak from the heart. Crystal clear, focused and true. Please skip the sideshow. Way to go Justin - God bless you.

Amash should start a third

Amash should start a third party.

"We don't persuade the public by tricking them"

Wow! Carney's a comedian!

Who would have ever thought he could be so funny.

One of my favorite things about Amash

is his willingness to criticize both parties of Congress. It's also one of my favorite things about Ron Paul. I like Rand, but I think he could be more willing to call out the Republicans when they're in the wrong.

"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds."-Samuel Adams

That was fun.

I like this guy a lot better than some others who are more popular around here.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Get em

Justin. Glad to see we have people who aren't afraid to call these bums out.


I like the comment about

President 101.

Now this is awesome! Bravo

Now this is awesome! Bravo Justin Amash. When is he due for re-election? I think we should hold money bombs for our elected liberty candidates (yes that includes Rand since he's the only one we have in the Senate - hate him or not). Yes we need to get more elected but we definitely cannot lose the ones we have.

Senator Amash...

Rumor has it that he's considering a run for Senate.


I doubt he'd win here. Stabenow and Levin have it so locked up it's absurd.

Eric Hoffer

Prehaps, but did you ever

Prehaps, but did you ever dare to think that Michigan would ever go right to work? Well, they did. Besides, one of the Senators there has apparently said he's considering retirement.

100% agree...I'm hoping he

100% agree...I'm hoping he can gain more popularity with the media in the next few years so he can run in 2016. It's a long shot but you never know. regardless, we should be holding money bombs when he is up for re-election because I heard Rove was trying to oust him.