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If Obama can murder Americans what difference does it make if he uses a drone or not?

The method of the murder has no bearing on the issue.

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Using a drone makes the killing too easy.

Imagine all of us with RFID clips equipped with a termination feature. Each chip would have a cyanide capsule or some other poison like botulism toxin. Activate this termination module and individuals die. Any harm in that? What's the difference, drones or killer RFIDs? At what point to you say NO?

Either way it is still a 2nd Amendment



Intimidation, because average folks see a drone as advanced war-time hardware, and will not as readily retaliate. Though it does not, people would believe that it removes some of the human factor. It is more psychological.. if leo or feds begin to hunt down/fire upon Americans at a frequency greater than now, it may lead to an outcry from the Anerican people.

Plus, just like nintendo, drones are cool, it will be the 'job' to have.

Not to mention the financial aspects, for example, YOU will be paying to make it all happen while making mic richer than rich.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul