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REUTERS: Indiana Farmer, Vernon Bowman, Prepares To Take On Monsanto In Seed Patent Case

Reuters | 02/15/2013

* Oral arguments are set for Feb. 19

* Case examines patent law; seen key for biotechnology

* More than 50 groups file briefs trying to sway court

By Carey Gillam

Feb 15 (Reuters) - A 75-year-old Indiana grain farmer will take on global seed giant Monsanto Co at the U.S. Supreme Court next week in a patent battle that could have ramifications for the biotechnology industry and possibly the future of food production.

The highest court in the United States will hear arguments on Tuesday in the dispute, which started when soybean farmer Vernon Bowman bought and planted a mix of unmarked grain typically used for animal feed. The plants that grew turned out to contain the popular herbicide-resistant genetic trait known as Roundup Ready that Monsanto guards closely with patents.

Read more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/02/15/vernon-bowman-india...

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To bad he's not doing it for

To bad he's not doing it for the right reasons. He wants to continue to grow Roundup ready soy beans without paying Monsanto for the privilege.

He could care less how they harm the environment.... I do hope the SC rules in his favor though because it will take away Monsanto's incentive to continue selling these seeds... I won't hold my breath...

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We need more farmers like Percy Schmeiser suing Monsanto for contaminating their crop:

In an out of court settlement finalized on March 19, 2008, Percy Schmeiser has settled his lawsuit with Monsanto. Monsanto has agreed to pay all the clean-up costs of the Roundup Ready canola that contaminated Schmeiser's fields. Also part of the agreement was that there was no gag-order on the settlement and that Monsanto could be sued again if further contamination occurred. Schmeiser believes this precedent setting agreement ensures that farmers will be entitled to reimbursement when their fields become contaminated with unwanted Roundup Ready canola or any other unwanted GMO plants.


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He is a conventional farmer, not ORGANIC

Percy is farming the conventional way, without the use of transgenics, but he still utilizes fertilizers and herbicides and pesticides, thus not an organic farmer. But I thought the case was very good and it is a shame that he didn't outright win the case. It is a shame that more farmers don't win this type of case against Monsanto, but then again the USA system has been corrupted because us citizen's allowed for the government to have such extensive power. I wouldn't call it Monsanto's fault, they are only playing by the rules that have been established. This is the people's fault, the one's that elected the people that allowed government to become so powerful that it was able to change the rules to allow companies like Monsanto to do what they do.

I don't expect a verdict in favor of my IN brother

from this collection of corrupt black robes... and let's not forget Clarence "Monsanto's Bitch from 1976-79 Who Didn't Recuse Himself from a Previous Case Involving Monsanto" Thomas.

But, we'll see....

What would the Founders do?



Bump for ole' Vern

Hope Vern wins...what a victory that would be...WOW!

Kangaroo Kourt

I fully expect them to side with the multi-trillion dollar FAKE 'person's' 'right' to manufacture FAKE toxic 'food' over some lowly, insignificant individual.

Sorry to be pessimistic, but their control over the industrial food supply is so global, so pervasive, so heinous, and so lucrative -- the SCOTUS is so perverted and corrupt - and the American population is so oblivious ...

I don't see any other outcome in this

Good luck, Vernon!

I wish I had confidence that justice would be found in the courts, but humanity sure could use a victory for you.

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important to be bumped--


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The seeds should never have been given a patent to begin with.

The seeds should never have been given a patent to begin with.

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Nice Page!

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