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Ron Paul Won't Attend CPAC Without $50K Fee

Ron Paul won't attend the Conservative Political Action Conference this March after he was declined a $50,000 speaking fee he requested, Whispers has learned.

A CPAC spokeswoman confirmed that the American Conservative Union, which runs the conference, had invited the former Texas congressman and presidential candidate and that he declined the invitation.

"We do not give speaking fees, and unfortunately that is a barrier to some speakers," CPAC spokeswoman Laura Rigas tells Whispers.

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RP made them so much money by

RP made them so much money by attracting supporters and attention to their little shin dig the last couple times. He deserves to get a cut. Those fools will rue the day they didn't anti up and pay him when its empty.

The spokeswoman for cpac went

The spokeswoman for cpac went from factually saying Ron Paul declined the invitation (for whatever reason) omitting the reason of a "scheduling conflict" alluding that speakers' fees were not given and were a barrier to SOME conjecture that the two are connected pieces of information. This is how CPAC operates. The assumption is made and a figure is thrown out for all to scrap over.

After last year's CPAC

After last year, I wouldn't speak at CPAC for any price. They treated Ron like garbage, and now he's the bad guy for throwing the grenade back? PAAAH-lease

Update, 4:45 p.m.:

"Ron Paul issued a statement saying he declined to speak at CPAC due to a scheduling conflict.

In a statement provided to Whispers, Paul said that he did not turn down the invitation to speak because CPAC would not pay a speaker’s fee.

"While I have enjoyed speaking there in years past, I am unable to attend this year due to a previously scheduled engagement,” he said. Paul spokeswoman Stiles could not confirm whether Paul asked for his customary speakers fee to deliver an address to CPAC."

As Ron Paul is planning to debut his “Ron Paul’s America” daily radio segments and podcast on March 18, I would imagine he will be quite busy with prior obligations he agreed to with Courtside Entertainment Group who are syndicating it's launch.

CPAC is scheduled for March 14-16.

Mind you, can you blame him after the unfortunate "honest mistake" last time around, what do you think they could have planned for this years event?

$50K to speak at CPAC??? This is BALONEY!!!

I'd charge the NeoCons $100K!!!

Go Dr. Paul - You're a hot commodity and the market will pay your price. They know you got it...and they don't!

Now's the time for Ron to get paid his due by the free market.

Restore the Foundations - "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?"

"If it's worth doing, it's

"If it's worth doing, it's worth doing at a profit." B-)

= = = =
"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.



"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Maybe he needs to start

Maybe he has no choice but to start charging massive amounts of money to speak the message because he has to come up with $250,000 in order to use his own domain name thanks to the asshats over at

Reap what you sew; Or more aptly: Blowback.

very sad to hear this , i

very sad to hear this , i guess liberty cost money, so much for trying to educate folks at certain venue's on liberty unless you got the dollar's. Maybe i should charge folks for being a pcp or going to convention. I should send Ron Paul a bill for my time having spent 9 years in the gop.

free market, gop might need to go the way of the whigs and i should stop wasting my money on the gop or charge for my activism, disgusting.

Ron Paul 2016

Nice! Good for Ron.

that's why i love the free markets.

I call bullshit. I don't mean

I call bullshit. I don't mean to sound negative but questions rise. Was he ever paid to speak at cpac? 50k for a 45 minute speech? Come on now. Ron is a badass and without a doubt would put the other candidates to shame. I consider that well over 50k in publicity alone and he was invited to spread the message of liberty for Free. The country is coming around to the ideas of liberty, Yet it's being hijacked by the establishment. If Dr. Paul is absent from Cpac I believe the next glenn beck/romney will jump on the opportunity to deliver Ron's speech and claim it as their own. The libertarians will soon have about as much spine as the tea party. Seems to me that he is deliberately trying to fade into the background so Rand will take the torch. Fox may deserve a little credit for calling that one.

Yes, he did sign a contract.

with this agency. the fee for his speeches is $50,000.

It started in January.

Ron Paul is My President

I am disappointed..

I became a huge supporter because of his consistency. Taking money, especially that much seems extreme. It used to be easy to defend Ron and his message to those who dismissed him. If this is true, he has given those whom are against his message plenty of ammunition to use against him. Many who hear about his outrageous fee would liken him to Gingrich or any other greedy politician and overlook his message entirely. I have bought his books, donated several times to his campaign. Money is not everything, there is more at stake. Again, If this is true it is a sad and disappointing day.


as every speaker, he makes them more than his fee. taking money is extreme? wow. you really don't know austrian economics do you? he earns that b/c he provides a multiple in value over it.

do you respect people that don't charge what they are worth? nope.

its going to be harder for

its going to be harder for him to keep spreading the message and educating people if he's going to charge 50k for a speech. I dont even make 50k in 2 years of work.


who says everything he does is a speech? who says he doesn't earn what the market rate is for the number and types of speeches he gives?

i think the market probably gave him his price.

oh, and btw, ex-presidents who have nothing notable to say earn that times a large factor. yet they still give speeches.

im starting to think RP really didn't do as much as we thought to educate people on economics.

i understand how much ex

i understand how much ex presidents make for speeches i understand what certain professors get for speeches authors and such...What the hell made you think i didnt understand that. All i said is its going to be harder to spread the message. Who spends 50000 for a speech, is it us small grassroots organizations or the big corporate backed events? We dont have that kind of money. He's very talented man, his books bring him money he made plenty of money during congress, he has stock in a lot of gold and silver mines, hes a million and hes still making plenty of money. Freedom should be free though, speeches SHOULD be done for free. If people choose not to do them for free then fine but i feel liberty freedom and educating the most amount of people possible is more important than collecting a check. Paying to get you to the event is one thing but 50 grand whew



What does how much you earn

What does how much you earn have to do with what he earns?

Simple Facts and Plain Arguments
A common sense take on politics and current events.

your income

That's because you did not deliver 4000 babies, serve as a flight surgeon , or have multiple terms in congress. You ra not worth what Dr Paul commands. Pay the workman his wage....

well we know i wont be

well we know i wont be putting on any liberty events with ron paul invited thats for sure

maybe it's me, but i agree

maybe it's me, but i agree with nickm and seeing this so called reasoning upvoted makes me wonder, am I on mittcentral? Of course Dr. Paul deserves to be paid for his work, but at the same time we are fighting for liberty. Can you give me an example where our founders charged people to hear their ideas? What would mitt charge? Dr. Paul was invited. Why not just simply say no?

The real test

In my view the real test is whether Ron Paul will start charging to speak on the campuses.
CPAC is a revenue source for politicos

I am very excited

...if this how the Good Dr will be rolling as a private man, go Ron go! If they ask you next year tell 'em its 100k. Screw the establishment.

I know this will disappoint some. We still have people that would prefer to work through the GOP and the establishment conservative channels to affect change. I hope they can be as Honorable as Ron and not become a criminals themselves through the process. It is just hard to move forward with liars, cheats and traitors. I mean the establishment not the folks trying to work with them.

The game is up - all that matters know is how well you can position yourself and family, and how many people you can wake up to the fact that our totalitarian govt is and will be to blame when this thing goes up in flames.

Ron will continue to work the education channel - his Chaz' radio show will be great.


Liberty = Responsibility

GOOD! I don't blame him.

Dr. Paul owes CPAC NOTHING.

They just profit off his sppearances and don't even agree with his ideals.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

I love how everyone is all

I love how everyone is all Ron Paul friendly now that the election is over. Ron is just showing that he doesn't respect the position of illegitimate authority that the establishment is holding over everyone, he's not "honored" to come speak at their event, if they want him, they can pay!

If everyone is asking you to

If everyone is asking you to speak... how do you sort people out and actually get a schedule, pay for transportation, security and all other necessities such as food.

Your weakness is that

you are rationalizing and making excuses instead of defending the correct moral principle - selfishness as the correct mode of a RATIONAL productive individual. Your argument sounds like - should CPAC provided car, hotel and food, it would be fair to expect from RP to sacrifice himself for a good cause - like promoting liberty for us and collective children of tomorrow.

PS BTW, that is how USA political religious right had lost arguments to socialists. They admitted (directly and indirectly) that capitalism is selfish and morally wrong - arguing only that socialism, while being nobel, is Utopia. Only Ayn Rand came out to set the record straight - capitalism is MORAL. Sacrifice is EVIL.

Republicans Should Pay for the Young

He should no longer bring in all those young people to the Republican Party for free. See how they did in the last election with out him? Time to pony up.