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Ron Paul Won't Attend CPAC Without $50K Fee

Ron Paul won't attend the Conservative Political Action Conference this March after he was declined a $50,000 speaking fee he requested, Whispers has learned.

A CPAC spokeswoman confirmed that the American Conservative Union, which runs the conference, had invited the former Texas congressman and presidential candidate and that he declined the invitation.

"We do not give speaking fees, and unfortunately that is a barrier to some speakers," CPAC spokeswoman Laura Rigas tells Whispers.


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Yeah, but 2 minutes?

OK, I am mixing my threads now, I said something about this on a different thread. I was really pleased about the radio, then someone posted a thread today saying it was going to be a one minute spot, twice a day. I do not begrudge RP making all the money he can, but I was hoping he would double down on getting his message out more than worry about profits.

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That doesn't seem like Ron Paul.

Very strange, esp if none of the other speakers are receiving remuneration.

I know that the gal from Alaska, Sarah Palin, was making 6-figure fees for some of her speaking engagements, while Paul made zero, during the last 4 years. That astounded me, but I justified that because by reminding myself that TPTB wanted Palin for their own purposes. After all, she was persuaded to run with McCain. Guess she got her pay off.

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This is exactly the time he

This is exactly the time he should be cashing in on his fame.

Money or the message of liberty

Hard to do both

Jury Nullification is a power of the last resort against tyranny.

Economic freedom = personal

Economic freedom = personal freedom

In the manner of a supervisor?

Money IS the message of liberty. Money is the root of all civilization. It is the necessary ingredient to expanding the market to include the luxuries of today and the necessities of tomorrow. Who will give me size 11 1/2 shoes for my chickens?

"Money OR"? Hard for them not to work together.

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No it certainly doesn't..

I need confirmation...not that i begrudge him speaking fees. It's just that he would be flattered just to be invited to speak..PERIOD!

I doubt RP is subject to