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Let the conspiracy theories begin!

As soon as I saw video this morning of the meteor strike in Russia this morning, I KNEW that there would be crazy, half-baked, inane theories that it was OMIGOSH A WEAPONS TEST or something like that.

I was right, sadly. Seriously, people, it's a rock. From space. Believe it or not, there are a lot of rocks in space. Sometimes, this thing called "gravity" pulls them towards Earth. Every now and then, one of those rocks doesn't burn up totally, and instead explodes in low atmosphere, or hits the ground.

IT'S A FREAKING ROCK. I saw the footage, a missile does not look like that. The aftermath of a missile strike is very obviously the aftermath of a missile strike. The aftermath of this is the aftermath of a falling rock exploding in low atmosphere. At that speed, it WILL shatter glass.

Please, stop making the DP look like it's full of idiots and crackpots - let me re-state my position. There are conspiracies. This is not one.

Edited to add:

Apparently, some people believe that I am upset that questions are being asked. No, I'm fine with that. What irritates me is seeing people taking an event like this and asserting that it was not what it appears to be while failing to explain why. In short - I am irritated by the massive jump to a conclusion. If this *looked* like a missile, or if it appeared targeted, then I would be suspicious. As it stands, nobody has yet provided any evidence that this was anything other than the obvious. That's what I'm criticizing.

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They will blame it on global warming

but you're right. No one ordered that rock to hit Russia but God.

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promote that man

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I agree.

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Why the date of 12-31-2012 on the cam?

Unless you know someone in Russia that can confirm, I take it with a grain of salt. You just don't really know what is truth and what is propaganda these days.


Authorities are now conducting a search

for the Superman baby that crash landed in the area of Yekaterinburg

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How did you get back from the

How did you get back from the Urals so fast? I mean, you wouldn't engage in wild speculation about events that you have no firsthand knowledge of, would you? Cuz I mean to tell you that if you know for an ABSOLUTE FACT that it was a rock, well then that would make exactly one person on Earth who knows the truth of the matter. But, alas, I suspect you weren't in the Urals this morning and you are declaring it to be a rock because that is what seems plausible to you. And in doing so, you have closed your mind to the possibilities that it wasn't a rock. Well, I don't care what you think, but if you are going to cast aspersions on others for doubting the 'official' story, when you don't have any more info than anyone else, I fear it is you who are making the DP look like it is full of crackpots.

On the contrary.

I've seen many, many videos of "fireball" meteors, and this matches up perfectly with those. It also matches up perfectly with the idea of a freaking random space rock.

What I legitimately don't understand is why, with so many REAL conspiracies, you and people like you insist on taking very obviously natural events and immediately claiming HOLYCRAPITSACONSPIRACY.

Just for the sake of argument, let's say it was a weapon. Clearly, it's the most utterly useless and needlessly showy weapon ever developed if the results say anything. Why would they test it where everyone could see it?

Here's what we know:
- Rocks fall from space. Happens all the time.
- Sometimes they blow up - once again, not exactly a freak occurence.
- Occasionally, they make a dramatic fireball that's really pretty as they're flying.
- There is apparently an asteroid going by Earth right now. It probably has lots of little space rocks following it; it stands to reason that some of those would be pulled in by Earth's gravity.

Now, what, pray tell, indicates to you that this is not a space rock that happened to be pulled in by Earth's gravity?

I would just like to say

that a friend of my cousins told his sister,who told the guy at the quick trip,who told his mom,who told my girlfriend,that it was a UFO that collided with another near the moon & bounced off and crashed into the earth.I have this on pretty good authority......just sayin.....

never let a good disaster go to waste

asteroids now.

'aliens' later.

the last card.

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Nothing can be trusted

Nothing can be trusted anymore. If you don't see that and think for a second it might be some kind of weapons test you aren't being vigilant enough. I don't think it was, but it could be, who knows? The idea that any "conspiracy theories" should be ridiculed is over. Everything should be investigated and made thoroughly transparent. REAL conspiracies have enslaved the world, so pay attention.

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Looks like Earth is passing

Looks like Earth is passing through a debrit field and the names Asteroid is just the largest so we can see it from a great distance.
so just sit back and enjoy the Fireworks show

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I see what you did there. Upvoted for stealth pun.

DailyPaul is a conspiracy

DailyPaul is a conspiracy board dude... Let it go.

The "Ron Paul" part of this site near extinction. Remember when Ron used to talk about our foreign policy and the blowback causing 9/11. Pssshhh... F*** that. According to this site today, Bush brought it all down, Obama killed kids and theatre viewers for 'Merica's guns, and now we bombed some remote city in Russia for "testing".

Here come the down votes... Don't care! (Sing that with the Green Acres theme)

I laugh when I see comments like these

You imply that the entirety of the DP is nothing but conspiracy theorists. Idk if you noticed but the majority of threads aren't conspiracy related. So, you take a topic you disagree with and dislike and frame it in a more extreme light.

PS: I'm not a "conspiracy theorist" but government false flags are real and their existance has been proven in the past. We don't trust the government, and for good reason. Taking these facts into account, I not only approve of, but encourage the questioning of any and all events that could be linked to the government.

I don't think Obama is illegitimate. I don't think 9/11 was an inside job. I don't think this object was a missile. But I do think people shouldn't be criticized for asking questions.