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Guns, Liberty, and Safe Schools, You Can't Have One Without The Others

Free societies cannot exist without the right of self defense. That's why our founders used the second amendment to establish self defense, not hunting, as an unalienable right. There have always been corrupt elites who want to enslave the people, so the Declaration of Independence establishes the right of future generations to abolish a government that fails to secure our rights.

Today, we have a President who wants to take guns away from law abiding citizens even though his "Fast and Furious" gun running program armed drug cartels. During a Congressional hearing, ATF whistleblowers said 2500 firearms, including AK 47's and 50 caliber rifles, were allowed to "walk" into the hands of known criminals. ATF Agent Forcelli said "we weren't giving guns to people who were hunting bear, we were giving guns to people who were killing other people." One of those weapons was used to murder Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

The entertainment and video game industries target children with products exhibiting the most irresponsible, immoral use of guns imaginable. So in fifth and sixth grades, use interactive video games to teach gun safety as an antedote to the barrage of gratuitous media violence. Do this in conjunction with a class teaching the need to preserve second amendment rights as a bulwark against tyranny. To limit school massacres, have mandatory marksmenship training in high school and include top student marksmen (seniors) in a conceal/carry gun program with teachers. For video clips of the Fast and Furious hearings and more ideas to preserve second amemdment rights, check out my post on gun control.