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CNN Gut Check Facebook is asking who would have won between Ron Paul and Obama


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IF media coverage and voting was fair and honest

Ron Paul would of won handily. But we all know the system wouldn't allow that. Who knows, it probably spared Ron Paul's life.

Like someone said below me.. don't give CNN the time of day.
We need to shut down all the major news corporations legally. Why aren't we devising a plan? We need to start thinking big. I don't care if we have to face 2,000 foot breathing dragon. We need to rise to the occasion.

If Ron Paul was the '12 GOP Nominee...

...there would have been some establishment hack like Donald Trump who would have entered the race to try to ensure that Ron Paul couldn't win. Effectively, it would have been a reincarnation of the Bull Moose party.

Don't give CNN any of your time

this network is already spiraling downwards along with the rest of them, they're desperate for your attention which they don't deserve! Liberty activism is gaining audiences worldwide, lets watch the MSM shatter and create our own media, we are the messengers!

Just a thought or battle on with the trolls. peace

kind people rock



Exactly - don't engage blood thirsty CNN

F CNN since they are one big fake news reporting hatchet job. Instead, (I don't FB/Twitter) but send them the link for Alex Jone's you tube "Why Nobody Believes the Sandy Hook Story"!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tM5ZdO-IgEE LOL!!! If you missed that - don't. It shows that CNN puts on fake news stories to lead us into wars- what a legacy they have built behind their goodie goodie faces.

This is what I posted:

Ron Paul would have dominated in the Republican Party if he had been given his due in media coverage & the debates. All you have to do is look at the debates where he was consistently ignored or given scant time by the moderators. His successes in primary & caucus states was ignored by the media. His HUGE turnouts at speaking engagements were ignored by the media. Paul was actually nominated at the GOP National Convention. I was a delegate there from Nevada, one of the 6 states that nominated him (you need 5 for nomination). Paul’s nomination was totally ignored by Boehner/Priebus, and Paul’s nomination speech was STOLEN from him.We couldn’t even have Ron Paul signs on the convention floor. They were confiscated by GOP goons. Paul’s son Rand, could not even SAY HIS FATHER’S NAME during his speech at the convention. That’s how AFRAID the Republican Party is of Ron Paul!! If Paul had been the party nominee, he would have devastated Obama in debate. His message of PEACE, bringing the troops home, LIBERTY, letting people put what they want in their bodies & allowing business to flourish on equal footing, and SOUND MONEY, ending the fed, having a sound dollar, and not ruining our country & economy propping up foreign governments, would have resounded with ALL voters, not just Republicans. But, “they” wanted to Obama to win at any cost, so a weak candidate like Romney was put on the pedestal, Romney who didn’t really want to be president. So now we’re stuck with the Destroyer of the Constitution instead of its CHAMPION - RON PAUL!!!

The Republicans would have voted for Obama....

he's a hell of a lot closer, politically, than Ron Paul.

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Hahaha I nominate yours as

Hahaha I nominate yours as post of the day!

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