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Matt Drudge: Is CNN Moving 'Left' By Keeping Tabloid - Style Piers Morgan?

Matt Drudge: Is CNN Moving 'Left' By Keeping Tabloid - Style Piers Morgan?

by Andrew Kirell | 2:25 pm, February 15th, 2013

The Drudge Report’s namesake Matt Drudge rarely tweets from his personal account, but when he does it is often opinionated and/or cryptic. This afternoon, the internet proprietor took to tweeting his thoughts on CNN, asking whether network chief Jeff Zucker‘s favorable opinion of primetime host Piers Morgan signals a shift politically leftward and into “tabloid” territory.

The newsman initially tweeted his thoughts that, in the cable news market, “tabloid” journalism is “in,” and that CNN is moving to “pop” journalism in order to compete with MSNBC for “New America,” presumably meaning the younger, more Internet-savvy demographics. However, Drudge cautioned that Fox News shouldn’t be counted out of that race, because of their crafty leader in Roger Ailes:

1st Tweet


Thoughts on 6th Ave: Tabloid is IN. Zucker moves CNN to pop, growing battle with MSNBC for 'New America'. But never ever count FOX Ailes out
6:06 PM - 15 Feb 13

He followed it up with more thoughts on CNN’s recent changes, asking whether Zucker’s positive remarks about controversial liberal host Piers Morgan means the network wants to present itself as part of the “political left” with a “tabloid infusion.”

“Ratings bump?” he asked, suggesting that CNN’s move towards “trash” would be an attempt to drive up ratings for the network which often finishes third among the cable nets:

2nd Tweet


Zucker likes @PiersMorgan. SAFE. Net moving more political left, with tabloid infusion. Trash? 'It's not dad's CNN, anymore'. Ratings bump?
6:21 PM - 15 Feb 13

Read more: http://www.mediaite.com/tv/matt-drudge-asks-is-cnn-moving-le...

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Piers Morgan

has been as far left as anyone can get for as long as I have been aware of him.

I Don't Watch CNN Much Anymore...BECAUSE...

I use to watch "The Wolf and his side kick, (Iforgot his name again...damn..) but these guys like Morgan are way to far left for me. Why would a conservative or libertarian like me, want to watch CNN with the likes of a 'left' wing screwball, who isn't even a U.S. citizen, promoting gun control in a country where it is not only our right but our duty to bear arms..

I SAY..Matt Drudge is RIGHT!!

Appealing to sleaze

more than moving left, it seems to me. Morgan earned his "fame" in this country being a rude jerk to people auditioning before him.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.