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Rangel introducing legislation to reinstate the draft


"Rep. Charlie Rangel, D-N.Y., talks about the two bills which will reintroduce the draft and require all women to register for Selective Service. Rangel also says that “if a president can’t convince the Congress to support the draft than he should not be bringing the question of war in front of the Congress or the American people.'”

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it says MAY!!!

you may be,you may be not
what does the word MAY mean?
may i go to the bathroom? yes you MAY
it does not mean you shall,or you will
you sound like an enabler to me
and just because they do and are doing
things against the const and our laws,does not mean we sit back because it has always been that way
they are wrong!!!,and they have committed treason
against every human being in this country
AND they should be treated as such

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no one can coerce another

to sign a contract with another person
or entity
i may break my leg and require med treatment
but if i choose to set it myself,then the requirement
is null
no one is in servitude by virtue of birth to a gov ,corp
or person
this would require you to think the gov owns you,and your body
no one can force another to sign that card and send it
back in,this fulfills the gov's requirement,not yours
as i have stated,i threw 4 of them away so far
the first was 5 yrs ago(yes i was hoping for some action on their part)
again all that will be done is you will not get gov funds for college

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Deacon, are we talking personal philosophy and idealogy here,

or are we actually talking LAW? Will your argument hold up in court?

Simply because a law is rarely enforced does not make it NOT A LAW. Jaywalking is a law that is VERY RARELY enforced, but it is still a LAW.

By law, if you own and drive a vehicle, you must also have auto insurance. Are you saying that that is also NOT a law simply because certain people like illegal aliens refuse to get auto insurance and those people haven't been penalized yet?

Which brings to the table the topic of immigration. By your logic of; "no one is in servitude by virtue of birth to a gov ,corp
or person" - are you also saying that these people haven't broken any LAWS?

So is not paying taxes against the law?

"all that will be done is you will not get gov funds for college"

Really??? So if he chooses to in the future, he can still obtain a government job???
"Registration is the law. A man who fails to register may, if prosecuted and convicted, face a fine of up to $250,000 and/or a prison term of up to five years."

Who are you to say that they won't start enforcing this law(the draft) in the very near future and start making examples out of citizens who have failed to register - specifically with talk about Iran? Ron Paul mentioned that the draft started to look like a very real possibility within the next couple of years. Why did so many flee to Canada and other countries during the Vietnam war to avoid the draft? Simply out of fear of possibly being prosecuted???

Opinion is opinion and fact is fact.

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it is more than philosophy

the const states congress can create no laws
the ones we send to speak for us cannot
create laws,as they are not lawmakers
but are our mouth pieces
the prez can not sign an EO that goes around the bill of rights or the const,or even or creator given rights
one can not be forced to do anything that goes against their personal beliefs,as that would violate their rules of conduct over themselves,and just might violate
the laws written on the books them reps swear to uphold
All laws that violate the written rules for the fed gov,are not laws,they are moot,and have no teeth,
and we as a nation have a moral obligation to disregard
them,and nullify them
the creator says you cannot serve 2 masters,either you serve one,or you serve the other,if anyone serves
the state,then this is their god,and not the creator


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Yes I know -

I see your words, yet I also see that you avoided those questions I posed to you as well.

Let's not forget to add that the President can't go to war without a declaration from Congress, right?

Obamacare and the NDAA are unconstitutional right?

Like I said good luck in COURT with that defense.

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i shall try again

jaywaking is NOT a crime,nor is there a law for it
it is either a statute,ordinance or a code,these come down from the incorporated state,these are supposed to be used for the corp,but has been in fact used against the people(out of ignorance)again these are not laws
people are not under control,nor do they fall under under the banner of said corp(if they do not work for them)
ALI was jailed out of ignorance of the role of the fed gov
the role of any gov is to UPHOLD the laws they fall under and swear an oath to uphold
the people own them roads,and they are to used to for
our benefit unfettered,unhindered and just left alone(we own them,we own everything)just because they use might and brute force does not them so called laws right(they are in fact illegal to be used against the ones who they work for
all forms and sizes of gov are the people,the ones who work for the gov do in fact work for us,to do our will and our bidding.
they were hired to uphold our rights,not to stifle them,nor hinder us,they DO NOT own us,nor do they have the right to tell us what to do
they work for us,can the slave tell the master what to do?
can the slave tell the owner what they are not going to do?
if in fact congress can make no laws,and they try to,is it our responsibility to follow them?
not according to the const,it states otherwise
and this is true with all lower forms of gov,they all work for us
people have the right to contract or not with a corp
this is our right,if i choose to not contract,they cannot force me too,a contract needs all parties involved with full disclosure for that contract to be lawful
all gov's including city councils are a corp,that corp has no authority over people,they can take direction from
the people,but have no authority over their lives
and just because what they have done is illegal does not make it right(it makes it wrong and unlawful)
what they have done is illegal and size does not make right,it means they broke their oath,and committed treason

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