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FBI Celebrates Duping Another Mentally Ill Man Into Fake Terror Plot


"The alleged plan, officials said, was to start a “civil war” by making it appear as if the attack had been carried out by “anti-government militias,” sparking a crackdown by the government on right-of-center dissidents."

These are the "Al Qaeda Operatives" who do not deserve due process? Mentally ill dupes for the FBI? Meanwhile, the FBI is trying to incite a civil war?

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Has anyone done a spoof on this?

Imaging FBI agents trying to entrap a 2 year old...

"O.K. Timmy. Now repeat after me.. 'I know what to do. Red goes to Blue'. Noo. Don't push the button yet... Timmy?..."


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Key line is ...

... " tried to blow up a bogus bomb the FBI helped him create."

There is no question at this point that there are a few FBI agents who are the ones carrying out so-called terrorist plots within the USA, and there are CIA operatives and those connected with them doing much of the so-called terrorism plots outside the USA.

This reminds me of an interview with the late, great Aaron Russo, where he claimed he was told this would happen JUST LIKE WE NOW SEE IT a few years before 9/11:

What is the FBI's quota

for "stopping" terrorists? Do they get each get a bonus check or just more funding for Homeland Security? Given that he lived in Arizona, the drug "kidnap capital" of the world maybe someone was after him. Instead he gets pumped full of drugs and then the feds set him up.