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Facebook Reveals Hack Attack, Says User Data Not Compromised

Will this be the "internet false flag" that leads to a crackdown on internet freedom?


And this is interesting too - EPJ had a recent article (below) that contained this snippet: "Is Zuckerberg laying the groundwork to become a major crony capitalist? Looks that way. I am more suspicious of this get together than probably even the Winklevoss brothers."


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More Evidence Zuckerberg is a Crony Capitalist

Obama scratches Zuckerberg's back (tax breaks) and Zuckerberg scratches Obama's back ("Facebook had a sophisticated attack and we're now working w/ the government to prevent future attacks"). How long until this is used as a the basis for the next SOPA/CISPA.

This seems to be Obama's MO. He blocked the keystone pipeline, which allowed Warren Buffet to make a lot of money shipping oil. In return he gets to say "the rich need to pay more taxes", using Buffet as the "face" for that initiative.

Now he's set things up to use Zuckerberg as the "face" for the "government needs to police the internet" initiative.