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Ron Paul would NOT vote to confirm Chuck Hagel

We all know Ron would never support a man like Hagel. Why the hypocrisy when it comes to Rand. Why praise Ron for his principled stance but degrade Rand for the same position?


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Obama, Bush, Nixon, Ike, etc....

Dr Paul has mentioned that the perceived peace candidate has always won. Hagel is a perceived peace nominee which is why some are in favor of Rand voting for him. However, on the merits, Hagel should not be confirmed...but neither should anyone else the Dems or Reps put up there.

I agree

I also find it strange that so many have been willing to toss Rand overboard in defense of Hagel. Hagel is not one of us, he's only slightly better than the typical neocon, and we have to remember that he is being chosen to carry out Obama's policies. Have you been impressed with Obama's record on defense and foreign policy thus far?

Rand on the other hand does having a growing record of standing up to military industrial complex and I do believe he will prove to be his father's heir on this issue. I just get the feeling that there are many trying REALLY hard not to like Rand at this point, and I think it still has a lot to do with the Romney endorsement.

I Wouldn't Presume To Know

what Ron Paul thinks about this guy. I don't much like Hagel though. Personally I don't think Rand did a bad thing on this one. Not much to choose from for him if you ask me. I looked up Hagel when he was first picked and I wasn't impressed. After all, you have to ask yourself why Obama would want him if he was a good guy. Just because the likes of McCain don't like him either doesn't mean it's all rosy with liberty lovers. I side with Rand on this one.

After writing this comment, I read some of the ones below. I think ZAK CARTER pretty much summed it all up. Nuf said!


Ron Paul's support of Chuck Hagel

Hey Luke for liberty,

Of course Ron Paul would support Chuck Hagel. Are you one of those neocon, perpetual-war type libertarians? The most important part of Ron Paul's foreign policy is his non-interventionism. Everyone knows that. Hagel's record is far from perfect but at least he is rational and puts America first. Rand is a "go along to get along" libertarian who can certainly be legitimately be accused of being a hypocrite. Has Hagel ever claimed to be a libertarian? I don't think so. The vote was 58 to 40 in favor of putting Hagel's nomination to a vote with Rand voting against. If Rand had voted for it the measure would have passed. And Rand would have been booted off of the foreign relations committee. You don't think somebody twisted his arm? Nobody can twist Ron Paul's arm, they wouldn't even try.

If you think Ron Paul would or wouldn't support

Chuck Hagel - you might want to listen to what Ron Paul has to say on the matter....


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well he didn't say definitely but

he sounded more positive than negative. the "all options on the table" has also been said by rand.
from listening to this i'd say he might, but once again he instructs to look at policy more that the individual, of course the war thirsty GOP finds hagel not hawkish enough, although they won't say that.