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The Saturated Fat Myth

by David Jockers, DC on Feb 13, 2013 in Opinion

Heart Disease was considered a very rare disease in the early 20th century. The lipid hypothesis theory that saturated fat and cholesterol cause heart disease changed the shape of the nation in the 1950s. Society began to run away from saturated fat and cholesterol and turned to man-made processed fats as a replacement. As corporate food processing machines began to become more popular so did the occurrence of heart disease. Today, the lipid hypothesis can be considered one of the greatest scientific myths to date.
The Lipid Hypothesis:

The lipid hypothesis was developed by Ancel Keys in the 1950s. This theory states that there is a direct relationship between the amount of saturated fat and cholesterol in the diet and the incidence of coronary heart disease. With questionable evidence, Keys went about writing articles and promoting this hypothesis throughout the medical world. Meanwhile, hundreds of subsequent studies testing this hypothesis have found differing conclusions. Despite the lack of evidence this notion took off throughout the healthcare world and was fueled by the vegetable oil and food processing industries that sought to benefit from this key finding.

Close to 90% of all well-planned, properly documented studies investigating the lipid hypothesis do not support the claim that “artery-clogging” saturated fats and dietary cholesterol cause heart disease. Scientists examining a clogged artery will only find that about 26% of the fat in the plaque is saturated. More than half of the fat is polyunsaturated.

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What is the allegory, simile

What is the allegory, simile or metaphor contained in the "The Saturated Fat Myth"?

It's about being robbed of the only thing you really own...

Health is your birthright. Healthcare is a service provided by the privileged class after they've robbed you of your health by adulterating the food supply. Adulteration through GMO, highly processed faux foods, and misinformation.

The misinformation about dietary fats, cholesteroal, and metabolism in general has been nothing short of a public health disaster of criminal proportions. Propoganda is all fine and good until it becomes bad public policy.

In the end, the only thing each of us really owns is our health, our life. What is your birthright worth to you? Educate yourself on how to maintain your own health the way Nature, God, or whatever high power you subscribe to, intended.


I'm having trouble

I'm having trouble understanding how your reply answers my question.

Bump for Mythbusters.

I try to get 210g of saturated fat from eggs, Coconut, oil, butter, cream cheese, beef and pork fat and about 50 grams of dark chocolate each day.

I add fruits and vegetables plus 600mg of 60 essential trace minerals day.

Free includes debt-free!




The oxidation of fatty acids yields significantly more energy per carbon atom than does the oxidation of carbohydrates. The net result of the oxidation of one mole of oleic acid (an 18-carbon fatty acid) will be 146 moles of ATP (2 mole equivalents are used during the activation of the fatty acid), as compared with 114 moles from an equivalent number of glucose carbon atoms.

Natural selection will optimize on the better fuel source that is fat. And, nature won't try to kill you with it.