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Slavery Is Bad... Except When We Need Troops

"'A compulsory draft is . . . far more typical of a totalitarian nation than of a democratic one. The theory behind it leads directly to totalitarianism. It is absolutely opposed to the principle of individual liberty which has always been considered a part of American democracy.' - Robert Taft

The vast majority of people will agree that slavery/involuntary servitude is a bad thing. Why, then, do those who support the reintroduction of the draft (Rep. Charlie Rangel) make an exception for able-bodied 18-35 year-olds? Forcing someone to serve in the military is slavery, period. As Ron Paul says in his book Liberty Defined:

'Just as an income tax sends the message about who owns us and the fruits of our labor . . . the draft and the registration for it remind every eighteen-year-old that ultimately the government controls his fate. The state can kidnap you at any time.'"

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