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This Independence Day - Let's Unplug The Matrix!

If you have never researched "bonds" you might not realize the potency of this solution.

If you've ever looked cross-eyed at someone when they've tried to tell you how the market works and how money is created... you're probably going to need to do some more research to realize why this is a solution.

You might not be aware that every time you get a speeding ticket or do something you consider to be harmless such as making a bank deposit, through the magic of "bonds" bombs are financed and then dropped on people in other countries... and soon thanks to drone warfare - could soon be coming to a town near you.

In short - we are facilitating our own slavery.

This is why I am proposing a true independence day. The object will be to UNPLUG the UNITED STATES dummy corporation from our lives in every way shape and form on July 4th - 2013.

I'm not anti-government. I'm anti-corporation. I'm pro-government. I'm pro LAWFUL LEGITIMATE ORGANIC government. The fact is folks right now we DO NOT HAVE A GOVERNMENT. There is a corporation DOING BUSINESS AS (DBA) "the government."

Corporations do not care about their customers. In our current society - the citizens are treated like the customers even though they are the shareholders (the reason they put up with that treatment... is they don't know this). This corporation (UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT) needs one thing and one thing alone in order to continue on it's path of death and destruction:

Our participation. Isn't it about time we withdrew that participation?

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Not much for symbolism, but OK

IMO, the only thing that would get attention is if a majority of the people stopped paying taxes all at once and pulled money out of banks in a rush. Other than that, your little symbolic gestures won't get any traction.

Especially not with the whole "the USA is a corporation" BS. I know....I have a bunch of written articles and codes you can quote and you have proof like "capital letters". But, that will not get even Ron Paul people in line.

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."--Mark Twain

Say what? You want me to

Say what? You want me to clock in as a citizen? No problem, my fee for performing the work required to pull out an identification is $100. Where can I send the bill?

I am more than happy to work at an agreed upon rate but the indentured servitude of taking private citizen title property for a public use without just compensation needs to end.

Answer is simple, refuse to

Answer is simple, refuse to particapate for at least a week, stay home, do not spend money on ANYTHING, make a competition out of it, see who can last the longest, with a prise or acknoledgement from DP community. In the mean time, shut your cable off, use celphone, even for internet, become self reliant.

Great to see the discussion on here.

The solutions are available if we just decide to unite. We the people do still have the power of the purse.

Should we tailor this into some kind of national campaign?

Jubilee. Is this the year?

It is going to happen in some form. Let's make it a joyous festival. Let's make it of the people, for the people, by the people, and not wait for the banksters to grow a soul.
Even Max is talking about it now. Start about 13:30 for the part I am referencing, but the entire interview is interesting. It starts about 12 minutes in.

"Insane " to talk about it 2 years ago... I resemble that remark, but since when is being right "insane?"

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Let the Liberty Bell Ring !

"And ye shall hallow the fiftieth year, and proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof: it shall be a jubilee unto you; and ye shall return every man unto his possession, and ye shall return every man unto his family." (Leviticus 25:10.)

The United States of America claim to be the land of the free, and a portion of the above quotation was inscribed on their Liberty Bell: "Proclaim liberty throughout the land unto all the inhabitants thereof." But the rest of The Law was omitted, and that is why the United States of America are just as much subject to financial and industrial troubles as any other nation which departs from God’s Law.

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain

Whoever downvoted this post twice needs to wake up!

Do more research. This is probably our only option for non-violent r3volution!

It is too vague to be practical.

I am sorry, I do agree that restoration of real law is our only hope, but we are dealing with a numbed down, dumbed down populace. There are MANY people in the "liberty movement" already who cannot get a handle on this stuff, myself included. The "just do this" stuff is always stuff that I am not in a position to bear the consequences. I cannot allow a simple traffic stop to disrupt my life with endless court battles, I have a farm and I live 2 1/2 hours from the state capital and 1 hour from the county seat - ONE WAY. I can't even afford the extra gas to go to court.
My husband simply defended against a ticket, plead not guilty. He had to take 2 days off work, and lost anyway.
To break free, we need a basic recipe. Simple steps, something people can do all at once and visibly, so they can have the sense of support that comes with mass action.
"United We Strike" is more what I think would work, but Karen has been trying to get that off the ground for years, and it gets no traction. People will not even PLAN a vacation day to participate.
I wish this stuff would get simplified to a "user friendly" form, but as it is... The big "my friend's success story" I used to tell is now the "my friends were victims of SWAT raid" story, and they are definitely related.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Alot of answers here

"But wait a minute, what about those people who are already trying to come out of Egypt/Babylon, and are suffering persecution for their efforts, and perhaps you are one of them? Are you someone who is living as best he can without using a Social Security Number, opted out of the income tax system, driving a car without a state-issued license and license plates, etc., and dealing with all of the bureaucratic and "legal" attention that goes along with it? With the good intention of becoming more successful fighting the enemy, some "freedom-lovers" manage to find and form groups with like-minded people (strength in numbers). These well-intentioned people keep getting themselves into trouble because they don't understand what the Bible says, and they don't understand that God has already told them all this is going to happen, and He's told them exactly what to do to put it right. He will let them get into trouble, and you'll have Wacos, and you'll have all sorts of other problems until you turn back to God in your affliction, you seek Him early, and return to His Law."

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain

You need to listen to the link posted in your signature again

When/if you get a ticket, you sign it UCC 1-207 UD "without prejudice" and then if necessary respond to everything via US Mail. However, do you think they will come put you in a cage for not paying a ticket? Worse case senerio they suspend your liscense. Who cares? Just don't ever hand in your license (you need it to cash checks, sell stuff, and pickup prescriptions) Travel anyway. Know your rights and ignore unconstitutional statutory "rules".

I've refused to get a REAL ID. I'm not going to carry a national ID card. Period. I know its a pain to refuse to comply but it CAN be done without having to go to court. There are 100 ways to keep posponing the court date, etc.

I'm with you...

I refuse to get a Real ID.

What does that mean?

What does UCC 1-207 UD "without prejudice" mean?

Why sign using UCC 1-207 UD "without prejudice"?

Police officers have become enforcers for the political class instead of peace officers to protect our constitutional rights.

Traffic and Civil laws are statutory "rules" that do not apply to free Americans UNLESS they surrender their rights or if they do not claim them. A Traffic citation is a Bill of Attainder. Article I Section 9 of the constitution specifically states "No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed" but since most of the cops are clueless, its less confrontational to just accept whatever tickets or documents they want to serve you so you can politely be free to go. (Signing UCC 1-207 UD "without prejudice" of course)

Also, if you give a cop your DL, unless you also hand him a letter indicating that when you originally signed for the DL that you did not know by signing it you were waiving several of your constitutional rights, just the act of handing the officer your DL is used as proof that you agree to the terms of the original DL contract. A contract is fraudulent and void if deception was used by either party. No American I'm aware of has ever been told by the DMV that signing their DL waives several of their constitutional rights AND is also used to unknowingly enter them into a UCC statatory contract between themselves and the State in which they agree to follow whatever rules and regulations the State decides they must follow.

Since a DL is now required to cash checks, sell things, and to pick up prescriptions(among other things), not agreeing to the terms and conditions of the contract and declining a DL is impractable.

That puts DL contracts into a catagory of contracts called "Adhesion Contracts". Adhesion contracts are contracts that you are essentially forced into signing because without signing them you are unable to earn a living and/or are automatically precluded from some common benefit.

Without Prejudice UCC 1-207, above or beside your signature, on an instrument will represent the following: (UD stands for "Under Duress")

Not a promise to appear and vitiates perjury.

Enforces the Right to contract and the right to compromise an unconscionable contract.

Reserves all applicable Bill of Rights and Article III judicial Power.

"Criminal intent" must be brought forward to proceed.

Separation of Powers.

All Constitutional terms dealing with contracts, judicial and taxes.

Reserves "personam" jurisdictional issues.

Activating clause for police power at "probable cause."

Have you been doing this?

So when I see this type of comment or post I am always perplexed as to why it is never paired with something like "I have been doing this for twenty years and have gotten out of ten traffic citations," or something like that.

Please explain how long you have been doing this and what were the results when you did. It is very interesting but I am not willing to risk my life and livelihood for it.

If it is real then we need an army of lawyers on our side advertising to take on such cases and educating the public.

Fari enough, that was not the best example.

When mine expires, I do not plan to renew it. I am also trying to get away from a lifestyle where I have to drive very much.
But even you said it, "I know it is a pain..." and that is what will prevent this from "sweeping the nation." I hate to say "sheep" because most people are awake at some level now, but they are still frozen in their patterns and habits. They need something really simple to get them unstuck, one great gesture that gets the MASSES in motion.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.