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Russia Blames Meteor Strike on U.S. Secret Weapon Test

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an interesting piece of dashcam video showing what looks to be like something hitting the "meteor" on its way toward earth.!

I wouldn't have thought much about it, but I happened to be watching Foxsnooze on the day it happened. (above)
Brett Baier mentioned a "Russian Conspiracy Theory" where some official called the "meteor" a US weapons test. It just seemed odd to me that Fox would immediately be addressing any "conspiracy theories" so soon after the event. I'm not stating that I believe anything one way or the other.
One thing that does seem strange is how this supposed meteor made an almost perfect circular hole without causing any ripples and disturbing the ice around it. You'd figure it'd make quite the splash. They also reportedly haven't found any fragments of it either.
You can examine the video and articles and decide for yourself.

BTW, I've seen a meteor like this. A friend and I were riding in his truck at night, and the meteor turned the dark night into bright white blinding light. He stopped the truck and we jumped out just in time to see the giant smoke trail coming off of it. Never heard any "sonic boom" though.


So the green streak I saw in the sky last night must have been their counter attack. It wasn't as big. Ours was probably bigger because we spend more. ;-)