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Weekend Brain Stretch: The Fourth State of Water

Part one is interesting, although a little "dry." Stick it out, he is laying the groundwork to take you somewhere amazing in part two.


Made it? Good for you. Hold on to your hats, now, this is really fun: (Do NOT cheat, you will not get the full impact of part 2 if you skip part 1!)


So, recently there have been discussions about the possibility that water has consciousness and memory. Now we have water in a fourth state, with properties that have yet to be fully defined and understood. A fourth dimension awareness / consciousness arising...?

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I had considered plasma to be a 4th state also


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Bose-Einstein Condensate, the fifth.


Melted Ice Water

My wife once remarked upon how good her drinking water tasted when she filled a glass with ice and let it melt. I realized at once that she was onto something as I had experienced this myself. Some time ago I heard talk of a bottled water company marketing water with "special" molecules, although I couldn't elaborate for you. Such as it is, while the video lacks any supporting evidence for water having consciousness, Let it suffice to say that I will drink more melted ice in the future.

Very interesting information with huge implications for the future. IMHO.

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The "consciousness" and "memory" things

came up in other threads this week.

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It's interesting when he

mentioned that the human heart, by itself, doesn't have enough strength to pump the blood through all the capillaries of the body because the pressure would be too great. I'd been thinking along the same lines that there had to be some other mechanism in place such as utilizing solar energy similar to how a tree does to draw up water and nutrients from the soil. The structured water component seems to shed additional light on this issue.

So many different potential applications for his research...

Thanks for posting~

Ever heard of "sun gazing?"

I've played with it a little. It is incredibly relaxing. There are people who claim they don't have to eat, but I had written them off as probably lying. Now? I don't know, maybe...

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They are lying. What we

They are lying. What we absorb from the sun gives us vitamin D, it doesn't supply us the energy we need to live. Stuff like the sun light directly affecting the pineal gland is horse shit. The sun light does not leave the eye, anything that happens to the eye is merely an electrical signal relayed to the brain. The only thing that lends any credence to this is that it's relaxing and spiritual. For me, listening to the rain is relaxing. I won't ever try to claim that rain falling outside physically does something for me. It's all psychological. It's a placebo. Don't stare at the sun even if it seems dim on the horizon.

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Yes, I've heard of it.

I believe there are chinese exercises which are similar as well. I have some sensitivity to bright light so I never practiced it much.

Like you, I'm skeptical of the claims of people not eating. However, I know that people who practice tai chi or qigong don't have to eat as much. The digestion improves so you get more from what you eat. The body also more efficiently utilizes what we eat so we need to consume less. Another possible factor is that the body's structure may not break down as fast because its cells have a greater resiliency(possibly, in part, due to charge) making them more resistant to decay or breakdown. So it wouldn't require the same number of replacement parts. Some of this is speculation on my part.

Our body gets energy from the food we eat, the sun, the air, and our surroundings. It seems reasonable to me that if we get more of one form of energy than we may need less of the other-- although there are basic material requirements that need to be met.

One thing to keep in mind is that it's possible to overcharge the body and damage it. Some people who practice qigong run into this problem. Also, many people may not have the right balance of nutrients in our body and operational biochemical pathways to fully utilize the sun's energy. Dr. Stephanie Seneff mentioned in her interview with Dr. Mercola that sulfur may play an important role in the transfer of energy throughout the body-- perhaps in the actual storage of energy as well.


I LOVE my hot springs, I feel SO MUCH better, I have become convinced that there is something more to it than just a nice hot soak. I know there are traces of lithium in there, I figured that might be it. But sulfur, you say? My favorite springs are the ones that smell like rotten eggs they are so sulfurous.

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No time to check it out now but thanks for posting

Looks interesting!


This is simply amazing, and explains so many things. Thank you for posting. I don't understand the previous comments, makes me wonder if any of them actually watched the video?

Simply AWESOME... one of the most informative topics I have seen on the Daily Paul, other than the video "All Wars Are Banker Wars"

Thank you fishyculture!

I do hope you understand "all

I do hope you understand "all wars are banker wars" is half truth. Some good info in there but neglects the obvious fact that while 'private' central banks are bad, public central banks are far worse. Hyperinflation is a symptom of public central banks. Private ones want to survive to continue the theft.

Central banks are the problem, it doesn't matter if they are 'democratically' controlled or not. The video is greenbackery.

So long as you understand that, JUST like when you listen to fox or msnbc you know you are hearing half truths, the video is helpful.

The Fed is private and will

The Fed is private and will print to no end. The elite don't care about ruining any money. They will just create a new one with every one they destroy. They own all of the land in the world and hold just about all of the gold. Even the queen of England, who people think has no power, owns 1/6 of the land of the entire earth. Wealth in bank accounts means nothing. Assets do. Real estate is the ultimate asset.

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wrong thread

I presume.

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Nope read what I was replying

Nope read what I was replying to.

Junk science. All words, no

Junk science.

All words, no math. EU been debunked since it came out. They just keep on talking. Enjoy double helix.


You are gonna miss alot

if you think these guys are kooks. I've watched the Thunderbolts group make some incredible predictions that continue to stump main stream science. Check for your self , don't let the debunkers scare you away.

Spewing something on a forum

Spewing something on a forum doesn't make it so. Do you have information to share or not? If so, produce it. If not, stfu. Mk? Thnks.

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

Some brains

don't stretch.
EU is explaining and predicting things that are confounding "the experts."

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haven't watched it yet

however, I know a former NSA agent who said that they were doing research into storing 'intent' in water/ice as a means of passing secret information, launch codes, etc. This was at least 20 years ago.


Big Electric Universe fan

Big Electric Universe fan here. Alternate theories about the universe we live in: The Big Bang Never Happened - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yTfRy0LTD0

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

It is like discovering Ron Paul

the scientist. My whole Universe makes more sense now. No more "Spot me one miracle and I'll explain the rest" science.

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