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Ginsberg, Obama - Streamlining American Voting...

‎"The president, in announcing the commission during his State of the Union address on Tuesday, noted that the presence of Mr. Ginsberg, a longtime Republican, would lend credibility and move beyond party politics to ensure its bipartisan nature."

Referring to his placing Ginsberg on a new presidential commission to 'to find ways to streamline how Americans cast their ballots'

For those who are unaware, it was Mr. Ginsberg who forced through a series of rule changes at the 2012 RNC designed to make it more difficult for candidates to win convention delegates as well establish control at the very top of the party. He was instrumental in disenfranchising delegates leading up to and at the National Convention.

Mr Ginsberg's actions, are without a doubt, divisive, undermining and manipulative. He has effectively destroyed the Republican Party over the last election cycle. He has done more to set back the growth and success of our party as any democrat including Obama and I fear for any recommendations that anyone on this Presidential Committee will bring forward.

Original Article: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/02/15/us/politics/opposing-elect...

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I don't see the problem.

Ginsberg worked the whole summer doing everything he could to get obama reelected, so now he' getting his pay-off. Nothing new in DC.

Like all thugs,

Like all thugs, "streamlining" is a euphemism for the tired rhetorical cry of tyrants, "How can we screw you more efficiently?"

One would think with all the

One would think with all the success Obama had when he was working with ACORN/Project vote in Chicago he would not need a committee of this type. It is hard to get dead people to vote. He has felons,illegal immigrants,gays,lesbians,transsexuals,those who favor abortions,same sex marriage, as well as the majority of blacks and women so what is he worried about? Weather it is because of the Cloward-Piven Strategy or Saul Alinsky's book,RULES for RADICALS which happens to be Obama's play book,he uis changing America.In his book,RULES for RADICALS,Alinsky often spoke of change and how to accomplish it.Karl Marx's dream and Norman Thomas prediction of a Socialist United States is coming true.Thomas was the former editor of the leftist magazine,The Nation, and six time presidential candidate of the Socialist Party of America who said,"The American people will never knowingly accept socialism.But under the name of 'liberalism' they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program,until one day America will be a socialist nation,without knowing how it happened." Sam Webb,in a major speech at CPUSA's National Convention focused on Obama titled,"A Springtime of Possibility" Communist Party USA chief Sam Webb declared with the election of Barack Obama the US is 'on the road to socialism.he also said Obama is a friend of the CPUSA. He referred to Novembers election as a rout of the right-wing extremism,a reaffirmation of the decency of our country and people,a leap forward on freedom road and a people's mandate for change.Most Americans don't seem to know about Colonel Edward Mandel House and the part his book,Philip Dru,Administrator played in the United states adopting socialist policies as early as 1913. the blueprint followedby Wilson,FDR and their administration and every Democratic president ever since right up to Obama.Norman Thomas ended his speech with,"The difference between Democrats and Republicans is: democrats have accepted some ideas of socialism cheerfully while Republicans have accepted them reluctantly."

Bob Marshall


Yes, dictatorship is a very effective way of streamlining democracy.

Ed Rombach

We need to make some noise

We need to make some noise about this on Facebook and twitter and the rest.

The collusion of corruption between both parties is a very useful tool for waking up people, and this story is a wonderful example.


So at the very least Obama saw what unfolded and wanted him on the team, or was he ALREADY a "team player"? Either way wouldn't surprise me.

Going to get those ridiculous voters out of the way?

Rigging is getting harder and harder with people actually paying attention to the process. Time to fix that.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Ah, the fixer

of the Republican National Convention is in league with the White House. Open corruption has to be answered with prosecution. If the prosecutors are bought or muzzled, what are the options?

has nobody looked up the International Democrat Union yet???

Look it up. PLEASE. I've been squeaking about this since the RNC.


Founded by Vice President George H. W. Bush and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in London in 1983. I don't think these people are friends of the common man. Why do you recommend them?

why was theRepublican VICE PRESIDENT of the United States

making a group called the INTERNATIONAL DEMOCRAT UNION?

Whose sole purpose is to affect policy in the international versions of THE REPUBLICAN party in countries all over the world.

I was trying to figure out during the RNC during the Platform Committee stuff how much influence - if at all- they had at the RNC. Condelezza Rice was appearing with emissaries from the IDC.

Now we know of course that words don't really mean much to these people...the Constitution after all is just a GD piece of paper. So I shouldn't be surprised that the Republican VP would think to call it the INTERNATIONAL DEMOCRAT Union. I think Bush really did think that THE NEW WORLD ORDER that he spoke of would come to be via this organization.

Why did the whole GOP get behind Bush and his wars to

"spread Democracy?"
Although, I am pretty sure he was saying "Dumbocracy."

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

In Other Words...

Obama hired the one man most responsible for fraud in the 2012 Presidential election to "streamline" voting moving forward. Those in power REALLY want to ensure that there is no populist uprising in 2016, just like they cheated to ensure there wasn't one in 2012. I sincerely believe there are forces at work already trying to tarnish Rand Paul's reputation in any way possible, leading up to 2016.

ytc's picture

The schemers used to hide behind the curtain, BUT now

they get openly appointed to a royal Commission to skew the system to keep tyrants on the corrupt imperial throne forever & ever.

Streamlining, lol

Let me guess, the parties choose their candidates in a closed-door session and the TV divvies up support evenly leading to a roughly 50/50 split nationally. That way we can throw the rascals out without any change to policy. Wait, that's how it already is. All they need to do is get rid of those pesky nominating conventions and make them the coronations the corporations want.


The worst rise to the top it seems.

Pond scum does float.

Pond scum does float.