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I hate politics, but love liberty.

I have loathed politics for my entire adult life. I have read history books and subscribed to conservative periodicals over the years. In retrospect, some of the "history" books were less than complete, and sometimes less than accurate. Similarly, some of the "conservative" periodicals were less than conservative and suffered from the same deficiencies.

I subscribed to National Review on two separate occasions, once in the early 1980s during the Reagan years, and again in the 1990s. In the late 1990s and early 2000s I subscribed to The Weekly Standard. I discovered The New American sometime in the early 2000s and continue to read it cover to cover. Although I contributed financially to the Republican Party several times over the years, I was not strictly tied to them; for example, I voted for John Anderson for president in 1980. The extent of my involvement in state or federal politics was limited to my relatively small donations to the RNC.

Over the past 10 years I discovered Ron Paul and Judge Andrew Napolitano and have read nearly all of their books. I also read The Creature from Jekyll Island, and Economics in One Lesson, both essential reading. Recently, I read Classified Woman and had many of my suspicions about the FBI, the Pentagon, and congress confirmed. In full disclosure, I should also mention that I read many of Glenn Beck's books that he published while on the Fox network. (Glenn, I've moved on.)

I still hate politics, but I love freedom and liberty more. I hate that our Bill of Rights has been abused, misused, bruised, castrated, emasculated, and devastated. I hate that our Constitution has been gored, ignored, and deplored by the legislative, judicial, and executive branches of our government. I hate that our military is being used as the primary tool of a declining empire to oppress humanity in a score of locations across the globe. Our nation's idea of "Just War" today is exactly that: JUST WAR. As Ron Paul wrote: “It is no coincidence that the century of total war coincided with the century of central banking.” Ron Paul, End the Fed. I hate that Christian charity has been replaced by mandatory, coercive "State" charity. I hate that the State is the only "god" approved for worship anywhere, anytime, and in anyway. I hate that the Federal Reserve is destroying our currency -- with the approval and endorsement of all three branches of the federal government. I hate that the TSA, DHS, EPA, FBI, and CIA are violating our rights every minute of every day -- with the endorsement and approval of all three branches of the federal government. I hate that the federal government has its invasive tentacles in every aspect of our lives, literally from the meat we eat (USDA) to the toilet we flush (EPA), and from our birth (USDHHS) to our grave (EPA). I hate that there are so many "laws" on the books now that no one can know, understand, or obey them all.

So you might think I am full of hate (attention DHS etc., the word hate is used in the same paragraph as various and sundry assorted federal agencies). But I am not. And I do not call for violence in any form. You see, I am full of hope. Yes, hope. Some Americans are waking up, especially the young. Some of my generation is waking as well. We get it. As Dr. Paul said: “Ideas are very important to the shaping of society. In fact, they are more powerful than bombings or armies or guns. And this is because ideas are capable of spreading without limit. They are behind all the choices we make. They can transform the world in a way that governments and armies cannot. Fighting for liberty with ideas makes more sense to me than fighting with guns or politics or political power. With ideas, we can make real change that lasts.” Ron Paul, Liberty Defined: 50 Essential Issues That Affect Our Freedom. God gave us freedom and liberty and it is up to us to preserve it. The true "Just War" is just beginning, and this one is of the people, by the people, and for the people -- not the State.

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