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The End All Be All of DailyPaul.com

Just got done watching "All wars are banker wars" video, and it was THE BEST video I've ever seen on this site or anywhere. It led me to this post:
This led me to the conclusion that there needs to be a Rothschild post permanently pinned to the top of the Daily Paul. These are the wizards behind the curtain... these people are the FED.

It is just amazing the history of this inbred banking family... this is the end of the trail for everything, including puppets like Obama, Bush, Romney... 9-11... everything...the illusion of political parties, the illusion of governments, this is where it all leads to.

It is amazing that I never heard Ron Paul mention the name Rothschild in all his fight against the FED... very odd.

Would love to hear some more thoughts on the Rothschilds and see a more permanent place, like a group topic.


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Why not

Why not name the name? Diplomatic when our world is falling apart.. perhaps he cannot or won't name the name. If you do some research, it is the Rothschilds that made Rockefeller, they probably made Du Pont, they made most of the others... they are the head of the snake. Do some research, thanks for trying, still waiting for some answers

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Gosh, I STILL can't understand the title!

What am I missing???

. . . you know, shouting Rothschild is the cause of ALL of our miseries, won't improve our lives instantly. . . like a magic ;-j

Real simple

because the rest of your miseries are just distractions, check out fishycultures answer... not difficult to get. Name one (interesting) topic on the Daily Paul that doesn't link back to something connected with the Rothschilds?

Name the name - ROTHSCHILD.

You've got it. Rivero does good work - a lot of what I bring here is stuff I found there.
And you are right - blaming "government" or "corporations" or "liberals" is all distraction from the PEOPLE enslaving us - the Rothschilds.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Satan is the prince of this present world!!!

...there is only ONE thing, that keeps a man from desiring the serve the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life that OWNS the Rothchild family - who - have indeed bowed down to Satan, and have been given what they have whilst they SERVE his purposes to keep ALL humanity from that which will SAVE THEM...


One day, Satan will discard them as though he never knew them...and he will simply choose another...

There it is, folks - man's TWO choices! Christ chose to obey the Father...how about you?

Make it PERSONAL, don't worry about what you CANNOT control...

Matthew 10:28 And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

A time of Christian martyrdom is quickly approaching this land; WAKE UP people...history is cyclical, not LINEAR...don't be "progressives"!!!

Why did

you name this "The End of DailyPaul.com"?

I thought there was some emergency. Please change your title.

I will change the title

Do you have some suggestions of what to change it to? To me, this is an emergency... I mean the DailyPaul itself is kind of an emergency in process. My title meant to indicate the end of the trail, the reason for all this Daily chaos on the Daily Paul.

I am definitely open to suggestions, so let me know, but again, I believe this is an emergency of the highest order... this is the wizard in the wizard of oz pulling the levers, and yet I had to look back to last March to find a post on them.

I changed the title to "the end all be all of dailypaul.com"

What do the rothchilds have

What do the rothchilds have to do with the end of dailypaul.com?

It's a good question

how about this... If we expose the Rothschilds, we won't need the dailypaul any more? I have no idea why the thread is titled that, I am stretching here...

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Yes, did not mean to be misleading

That is exactly what I was thinking though.. all the other topics evaporate, consolidate, start to make total sense... although there are some people who don't want to know... they like the DailyPaul. For me, the ultimate goal for DailyPaul would be, in some imaginary fantasy future, to never need a site like this.... but people like it, they like watching a car wreck so some people would like to keep all this turmoil.. personally, I would like to solve all this, and start working on productive things.

Amen The Rothschild mafia Crime family has perpetuated

A multigenerational Genocide against humanity for six hundred years. THeir MO is to use digitized counterfit creation of sovereign curencies to own everything hidden under several layers of corporate ownership with shill puppets installed to take orders.

They use false debt to foist any and every immorality upon humanity. They have enslaved humanity into false debt extortion and war genocieds.

Yet so many just complain about the elections or the media or the politions, the president or the CRF or the Bilederburg. But the truth is every trail to every evil follows back to the Mafia Bauer family who changed their name to Rothschild. They are the head of the snake.

Some say if you lop of the head this snake will just grow itself back. I say lop it off and when the next head pops out lop it off to.

Its time to re institute a human ban upon USURY as the worst crime possible worse than murder because it murders the children of future generations. It will be the extinction of humanity if the ROthschild mafia is not stopped soon. Then million thumbs up for your post.