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Broken Security Cameras in Houston Public Schools an Open Invitation for Deranged Shooters or a Precursor For a Staged Event?

Why would the news broadcast that security cameras in most schools in Houston Texas school districts do not work? Do they know that this is an open invitation for a person on psychotropic medication to go kill school kids. Is the next school shooting going to happen in Houston Texas? This type of news cast is something they should not advertise with someone on psychotropic drugs watching TV.

It is bad enough our school campuses, movie theaters and shopping malls are Gun Free Zones. These places are an open invitation for any deranged person with a gun to shoot unarmed patrons. Someone in the local media maybe had good intentions to inform the parents of broken security cameras in the public schools. These broken cameras maybe not intentional on the part of the School Districts. It could be economic reasons too. Even though parents have a right to know about these things. How it is revealed can put lives in danger.

to read the rest of the story. Click link below.

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Alias, Bourne Identity, Person of Interest, etc.

Everybody knows you're supposed to break the cameras.

I didn't read the article, I have too many other things to worry about.

My condo association used to fight over security, all the time: some people wanted TV cameras everywhere monitored by security, and some people would prop the gates open.

The only important thing is having an option.

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