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OK, so call me a racist and downvote me

Here's a video that names names and tells the truth about who really is in control of the US populace. Even if you don't like the messenger, the message speaks truth. At least watch it before you downvote. If truth makes me a racist fearmonger, then so be it.


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NO MORE LIES. Ron Paul 2012.

Was that directed at me,

or the video, or Dr. Duke.

Um.... OK.... You're a racist....?

I can down vote you if it means a lot to you... I generally try to stick up for the truth though.
Allow me to save the trolls some trouble...
You anti-Semite, holocaust denier, White Supremacist, crazy conspiracy theorist.... (I'm sure I missed a few...) How DARE you present facts?
Now, for those who are looking to figure out what the heck is going wrong in this world, enjoy the video.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

thanks for the compliment, lol.

If fishy approves, then I'm ok.


I posted this video three or four weeks ago and I don't think it got a single response. Guess my title wasn't interesting enough. Glad you got some people's attention with it :)


Sorry silk30

If I had known, I would have linked to your post, my friend.

No worries

Credit doesn't matter to me, I just thought it was odd it didn't get a response, and I'm glad that when you posted it, it got a pretty decent discussion going. Take care :)


Sorry I missed it.

I am pretty bad about not checking for threads I missed when not at the computer, and I know I miss some really good stuff.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

Would get more coverage if someone else presented it.

People don't want to be associated with David Duke, even if what he says is true.

Duke is defamed and maligned by

those powerful individuals and groups whom he exposes and criticizes. There are good reasons why people are afraid to criticize those groups or be in any way associated with David Duke. Look at the social penalty Duke has paid. They have made him into a pariah, and yet he labors on. That takes enormous courage and self-sacrifice. Yes, they who shall not be named inspire fear. But fear is not love even if no one says so.


and maligned?


David Ernest Duke (born July 1, 1950) is a former Grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.

Yeah, and I used to be a tree-hugging environmentalist

scared of global warming. Want to know the truth? I think Ron Paul DID write "those letters." Read this:

GOOD people learn and grow, and when they make mistakes they become better people for having fallen for a lie. OR, they cling to the lie like grim death to avoid admitting to themselves that they had made a mistake. David Duke has grown way beyond his "KKK" days, and to continue to hold that against him is ludicrous. People our age were raised in a VERY different culture than any young people can really imagine.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

I'm not

saying people can't make mistakes and change. I only replied to the OP because he used the words "defamed" and "maligned". David Duke CHOSE to be the grand wizard of an organization responsible for such unconscionable acts I think many here don't fully know about or appreciate the KKK's violent history.

If Ron Paul had ever been a member of such an organization he probably would have become a social pariah too.

So, he had a weird title. So what. That is ancient history.

And at least he didn't do any actual harm to anyone, which is more than can be said of those he criticizes.

oh yeah the KKK is harmless!


Yeah, I think the KKK is pretty much harmless nowadays, actually

Certainly by comparison to the Black Panthers (voter intimidation, threatening violence) or La Raza ("The Race" for those not in the know) and its "Reconquista" ambitions.

I mean, there haven't exactly been any stories about men in white hoods and robes in the news lately....oh, wait! Yes, there was one in the NY Times just the other day: that black guy who dressed up in a Klan costume and stood on a corner in Baltimore in order to wake people up to the fact that more blacks are killed every year by other blacks than the Klan killed in its entire history...


Time for you to do a little research on the Black Panthers. I grew up in FEAR of that group... Guess what? They was what us is. Have a nice trip down the bunny hole!
La Raza is another story, although even they have some valid concerns that get washed away in the media "divide and conquer" spin on the reporting.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

You are sounding

rather hateful, Reconstituter. Sticks and stones....

Can we

please refrain from attacking each other? This is what I mean about David Duke, as messenger, being a distraction. We don't need distractions.

I think

he meant physical harm. Maybe that doesn't make much difference, but it could clarify the context.

A "weird title"

downplays it don't you think? He is (or was) racist. No media can "malign" him to be that. That's all his own.

Definition of racist:

a person with a prejudiced belief that one race is superior to others.

I'm not saying he's wrong on the video content about Jews, just that it's wrong to characterize David Duke as some innocent victim of conspiracy.

No offence,

but you just described a zionist Jew.

Being "racist" is hard-wired into all human beings.

Moreover, preferring and advocating for one's own race does not make a person a criminal. Harming others who are innocent is what defines criminality and immorality. The label of "racist" is essentially meaningless. And Duke always reiterates that he does NOT believe one race (his) is superior to others, just that his race also has a right to exist and live unmolested, as do all other races. So, rpcongress, maybe you should listen to what the man actually says and stop swallowing the MSM Koolaid being served to you every day. And BTW, Duke goes out of his way to appreciate Jews, as well as blacks and others, who are fighting the good fight for true integrity and mutual respect in the world. He is not hostile to other races, just to the anti-white racism and bigotry which is now rampant in the US -- in large measure because of the crap put out by Hollywood, the media and others with the power to persuade and legislate.


being racist, believing one race is superior to another, is NOT hardwired into all human beings. What a load of bullshit. You're telling me you put a black baby and white baby together to play that they will be thinking the other is inferior? Geez, man, wake up.

Also, I didn't say advocating for one's own race makes one a criminal. Otherwise there couldn't legally be organizations like NAACP or LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens).

Being associated with non-violent, transparent groups is one thing. Being the grandmaster of one of the most intolerant, and cruelly violent organizations in the history of the world is another.

sometimes, dislike for another race

comes from watching that other race's behavior, or being constantly used by that other race.

Try to put everything aside for just a minute

We live in "Babylon" and argue over words when we have agreement on core concepts.
We are hardwired to "imprint" on our parents. except in the relatively rare cases of mixed race couples or cross race adoption, that means we imprint on people of our own race.
Then we learn to socialize with our extended family - usually the same race.Then we learn to interact and trust people in our neighborhood, often the same race. Our churches, often the same race.
It is not deliberately conditioning anyone to be racist, but we do tend to "segregate" ourselves, when left alone. It is something that would have served us well when tribal warfare was common in our species... Oh, it still is... Anyway, to recognize that something innate in us trusts our own race more than others is a required step to truly transcending racism. It means we looked at something that was conditioned into us with our rational mind, and freed ourselves from the incorrect belief.
It took David Duke longer than some to do that, but he has. To continue to hold him in your mind as the person he was is no better than "racism."

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

You must be an originalist constitution guy

Because your argument has nothing to do with individual justice, individual rights,and equal rights. Its true people segregate to their own races but this video seeks political action. You want to force people to act certain ways. You want tribal recognition and affirmative action.


points, FishyCulture!

Well, babies cannot speak yet, either.

But they are still hard-wired for language as they mature. And I don't think preference for one's own race necessarily has to do with feeling or thinking your race is superior. Just that you prefer and feel more comfortable around those similar to yourself. That is why, I suppose, people tend to self-segregate, whether by neighborhood or school lunch table.