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OK, so call me a racist and downvote me

Here's a video that names names and tells the truth about who really is in control of the US populace. Even if you don't like the messenger, the message speaks truth. At least watch it before you downvote. If truth makes me a racist fearmonger, then so be it.


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I actually

know something about what babies are hardwired for since I helped my mom study for her master's degree in Child Development. Babies first learn speech by watching the mouth of their first teacher - their mother, usually.

The only thing humans are hardwired for is the natural survival mechanisms built into us from millions of years of evolution. I do believe people are born gay, for example. However, sexual reproduction is tied to species survival. I won't go into my theory of why a person would be born homosexual rather than heterosexual, but I don't think it's because something went "wrong". Homosexuality can be seen in too many other species over far too long a time period for that, but I digress.

I think many behaviors are learned. If there is a tendency to feel comfortable among others that look like you it's because of things learned growing up, like feeling safe in the bosom of one's family. If you have a child raised by apes, that child might feel more comfortable around apes too. This is still deviating from the subject, but I'm bringing all this up to try to show the subject is far from simple cut and dry, black and white, or "hardwired".

Yeah, ok, but my cat watched my mouth move

a lot when he was little but still didn't learn to speak... ;-)


I see what you're trying to infer, and that's clever, but I'm not buying it ;)

It's true that humans have a higher capacity to think and learn than any other organism (than we have yet encountered). That, however, isn't the same as having prior or hardwired information.

We have

the language gene. We are coded to learn any language we are exposed to. Chimps and cats don't have it. That doesn't mean we are superior to them, of course. Most of us would have a hard time surviving in the forest without our Gortex, matches, and freeze-dried beans, for example...something that for a chimp would be easy as pie...

Some has identified

a language gene? Please cite a credible reference.

Humans are coded to think and learn (this aids survival). We are not coded to learn any language we are exposed to.

Programming is a language, yet many humans can't adequately learn it.

The language gene with

credible reference....it is a special human mutation of the FOXP2 gene:


(Neanderthals had the same mutation and modern humans are also genetically 1-4% Neanderthal--everyone but sub-Saharan Africans.)

there are a few language genes

They make animals more chatty. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FOXP2 But we are hard-wired for language or if you are an Ayn Randian for thinking with perceptually tagged concepts. There are a ton of brain structures that need to evolve to allow people to store and manipulate these things.

Hi MarkDran

Thanks for jumping in. That link you gave for FOXP2 doesn't say it's a language gene.

Clicking on the "function" says: FOXP2 is required for proper brain and lung development.

As for speech it says: In humans, mutations of FOXP2 cause a severe speech and language disorder.

A mutation of a gene which affects speech or other things is not a language gene.

well I could do some more searching.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FOXP2#Clinical_significance is where you should read. I just know bout that one because when they put the human version of the gene in mice it makes them more chatty. But in general you can find a number of genes that must be functional for full linguisitic ability. This is likely because a number of brain structures are involved. When it comes to genetic basis of language there is probably not going to be a single gene but like brain lesions, if you do enough gene knockdowns you can take out language. It would take research to make a gene knockdown map of language. THen we could make some viruses and finally get some peace and quiet.

That's still not

a language gene... Yes, messing around with genes will likely have all sorts of impact and side effects on cognitive and physical ability. 4Vijay said specifically there was a language gene, so he (or you) should be able to link to a reference for it.

They don't yet know whether the FOXP2 is the only

language gene, but its human version is definitely related to language. Chimps don't have the same version of the gene, so they can't talk. (Thank God! I would rather listen to talking cats than talking chimps any day...;-)

Probably not a single gene

I dont see it that way. Language probably evolved gradually to naming and action planning. Chimps are pretty much capable of those things. then some kind of capacity leap in reflexive symbol processing took place. There might be a gene for that part.

What you're

saying is only speculation. Again, 4Vijay said there is a language gene.

If you take a baby and put him into an isolated bubble, say, by sending him to Mars without him ever hearing/seeing any language 4Vijay suggests that baby, by the time he's adult, should have some ability to speak English (or something). I'm saying that's incorrect.

No, an isolated baby definitely will not learn language.

There has to be exposure. But humans are programmed to learn and use language when exposed to it, which cats and chimps are not. It may be a single gene (FOXP2) or it may be several.

Here's my reference again, which I posted in another reply to you as well:


Then people need to get over their brainwashing.

David Duke is ah incredibly honest man. He has evolved as he aged, and to continue to begrudge him for things he has grown past shows intolerance on the person with the grudge.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

Yes, you're right.

But the truth is....the majority of people will dismiss this video and stop watching it as soon as they see the name. If we want to get the message out to more people, this video should be re-made with someone else presenting it.

David Duke's reputation is far too marred to be rehabilitated for the people who need to wake up and watch this.

You do have a point.

Perhaps he could do it in a puppet show? The sheep do like their puppets..

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.




but who else is not afraid to say it?